I liked the Twilight series quite a bit. Do I think Bella is one weak & lame heroine through 80% of the story? YEAH. Does Edward and his sleep watching/all knowing attitude creep me out at times? YEAH. Should somebody smack Rosalie good ASAP? FOR SURE. Ah but the story, the description, the intricate weaving of characters and story lines… it’s awesome.

In other words, I appreciated the story telling and world S.M. built very much… but don’t call me a fangirl. I don’t think Edward is the hottest romance hero – not even top 10. So… I decided to NOT see the movie. I just find the leading man sooo unattractive. blech. Then I needed a new Netflix film and felt like mocking… so I got it.


Here’s the deal: it’s darn good. I sat down with this ready to mock… and instead I liked it. Everyone is EXACTLY as I pictured them, everything about Forks EXACTLY as I imagined. (Except Jasper & Rosalie… what’s up with them? He’s supposed to be a Civil War soldier and she the prettiest thing ever? nah.) Very rarely does a movie version capture the world as it was in my minds eye as reading. So that was really cool. I also appreciated how you NEEDED to watch every movement, reaction, and facial expression. Not just that, but the acting and filming was such that it was intense without being made for TV mock-tastic drama. 

Mocking? The only thing – and it had me in tears laughing- was the crazy chimes ringing when Edward was in the sun. I don’t recall being told he sparkles and chimes as if a jewel in the cave of the 7dwarfs. That was a bad move. My only other complaints were that they didn’t have Edward do his talk about twilight (tie in to title… c’mon!) and they didn’t explain the meadow as a special place for Edward.

In other words, as book turned movie goes… it was good. I’d watch the next one, especially since (spoiler!!) I want to see how they do werewolves. I really want to see that.

I maintain that Edward/Robert is not a hottie – but that was my opinion in the book version as well so it fits.

Mystery reads:

So I never realized this but I’m a major mystery book fiend! I was chatting with Lainabout recommendations and that is when it hit me – the vast majority of my reading comes from the mystery section. Sure I enjoy a bit of paranormal, chick lit, suspense, and some romance too… but mystery is my home base.

These days I read at the gym during my 30-50 minutes of cardio. It keeps me focused on reading instead of complaining about my tired legs. Here’s the 3 books I read (and loved!) last month:


First up- hounding the pavement by Judi McCoy. The author is donating all her royalties to charity (a group that rescues animals) and when I saw that I grabbed it. I mean – mystery + dog + good cause? I’m in. It wasn’t the strongest mystery read ever, but it’s cute and I enjoyed reading about the heroine who can talk to the dogs she walks.


I avoid series that have a ‘cutsie’ catch to them (like hobbies or baking or gardening or…) and yet I keep running across JoAnne Fluke in my book shopping so I decided to give her a try. Her heroine is Hannah Swensen, a single girl living in MN who owns a cookie shop. She stumbles across a dead body  (who was eating her cookies!) and she vows to help her brother in law solve the case. Not only is the mystery and heroine great, but I also totally love that she puts recipes in the book too. Yum + fun.


This is #2 in the Hannah Swensen series and I loved it just as much as the first. I’m going to be working my way through them all for sure! You can see them all here: 

Oh, and for the record weight loss is nada for March. Yeah, went down 4 pounds then back up 5 pounds… I’m being good so it’s frustrating. I am ignoring scale and just trudging on my get fit lifestyle for now.


So I’m in Borders and I can’t help but eavesdrop. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to stand in the middle of a bookstore and carry on conversations don’t think they’re private! ANYHOW… there was this guy yammering on and on to a woman about the error of her reading ways. I think they were friends or at least acquaintances, at least I hope so. He was giving her an earful about how her reading choices totally help degrade our society… moronic… waste of brain matter… blah… blah… blah.

His suggestion? She needs to read ‘serious’ fiction and books that matter. As I heard her apologizing (!?) for liking ‘fluffy’ books I was no longer in hearing distance so I don’t know how their conversation finished. I just know I was really peeved that once again the serious brigade struck and tried to discredit reading for fun.

Here’s my philosophy: read what you want. Choosing romance, sci-fi, mystery, westerns, YA, vampires, or whatever other type of novel you want doesn’t make you any less intelligent or deep as the person who’s buying up the drama, pain, and suffering… aka the “critically acclaimed” stuff.  In my mind, whatever you want to read, or watch on TV or movies, is your own personal  choice.

 That said, I personally like the happier side of reading. The birthday cake and chocolate bars of books, if you will. So if any of you are with me on the happy train, here’s a few books I’ve read in 2009 that I liked. 🙂

trueToo good to be true was pure romantic comedy fun. She learns some important lessons and at the same time finds love. Plus there’s a dog. Love books with dogs.

Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep is a book that was recommended to me by a blog reader. It took me long enough to get it and read it, but dang I’m glad I did. Totally cracked me up and I loved her take on the superhero world. She’s not a superhero- she just finds their (barely hidden) secret identities. If you’re into super hero stuff you might just have fun with this one.

lordMost of the time I don’t like historical novels… this is an exception for sure! Lord of Scoundrels ranks way up high with some of my Jane Austen fave books.

Now looking through my reading pile I see I have many in my TBR (to be read) list just waiting their turn. Here’s hoping for some free time to do more reading! In the meantime, as always, if you’ve got any suggestions please feel free to share!

Have a great weekend-

let’s talk sookie.

I’ll spare you the long story. Short version: I finally decided to try the series of books that the show True Blood (i’ve never seen it) is based on because they keep coming up, and I decided it must be for a reason.


The Sookie Stackhouse novels (aka southern vampire mysteries) by Charlaine Harris are definitely one of the most intriguing and interesting series reads I’ve ever experienced. There are currently 8 books (9thbeing released in 2009) and worth every minute to read. Sookie (our heroine) is a waitress in rural Louisiana and is telepathic. As she shows in the stories, while this can prove to be a great gift it can equally cause problems and hardship. I enjoy the books entirely, but what I really appreciate is that Sookiefeels real. She has thoughts, worries, and problems that any person can relate to. She is a good person, a person I’d want as a friend, and also she learns, absorbs, and is true to herself as much as possible. The attention to detail and interesting characters  (supernatural and human) give a backdrop for many, many adventures and mysteries.

While the books are definitely not ‘young adult’, I really appreciate that the author doesn’t get overly descriptive or graphic in the romance. She also doesn’t use profanities, or if she does it’s so rare I simply do not recall.  These two details I definitely noticed and found refreshing.

It’s hard talking about this series without telling you specifics, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the pure reading joy and experience. I went in with very little knowledge of the series (other than 1st book basic plot) and I’m glad I did- it was fun, shocking, and totally fabulous. I like that I don’t know where the author is taking Sookie, or who she’ll end up with. The way the books are written there are so many possibilities, and they continue to change. However she ends up, I think that the author will take care of her and some good things will come to her.

dead Since it is December, and I’m in the midst of my gift giving I have something for one of you.  That’s right, I’ve got a copy of the first book (dead until dark) that I will happily gift. Just leave a comment to be entered. Winner has been drawn and announced, but I have other prizes soon to come…

Of course if you’re a fan (and have the book) I’d love to hear from you too. I do like chatting with fellow book lovers!

PS- I confess (to my fellow fans) I maintain hope and root for the Tiger or the (new) packmaster as a permanent love interest… we shall see.

bad book aftertase is not a good thing.

Ok, if you know me at all then you know I love reading books. It’s as much a part of my life as crafting is… well almost. I’m especially drawn to happy (sometimes fluffy…) girlie books. I know, not the deepest reading but it’s got zero calories, so it’s better for me than sweets. (ha!) I also dabble some in action/mystery/adventure… but only on my terms which would make no sense to anyone else. Anyhow, recently I was convinced that I must read the “bubbles” series from Sarah Strohmeyer.

I’ve been immersed in Bubbles (yeah, that’s her name) world of Lehigh, PA for about 2 weeks now and have finished all six books. My verdict? If you’re a mystery fan- especially if you’re a Stephanie Plum fan- then you’ll probably love books 1-5. Yes, I said the first five. They all are super funny, fun, full of adventure and danger and truly left me feeling satisfied at the end of each.

In book six I was on edge throughout. It was very stressful to have so many things turned upside down, but I persevered knowing that at the end I *must* get rewarded with some good… I did not. When there were only about 10 pages left in the book I had an uh-oh moment where I knew it couldn’t possibly wrap up, and it didn’t. I was left with a “what the &#*$&@” reaction and very unhappy. Ugh. And, since it’s been about 2 years since that book released I’m going to venture a guess that the series is done and over. Double ugh. I’m going to mentally change the ending for my own peace of mind and pretend book 6 didn’t ever happen.

I’m going to craft the afternoon away and hope to erase the bad book aftertaste from my brain (shudder). I’ll be back with crafting, fun, and good times…