I liked the Twilight series quite a bit. Do I think Bella is one weak & lame heroine through 80% of the story? YEAH. Does Edward and his sleep watching/all knowing attitude creep me out at times? YEAH. Should somebody smack Rosalie good ASAP? FOR SURE. Ah but the story, the description, the intricate weaving of characters and story lines… it’s awesome.

In other words, I appreciated the story telling and world S.M. built very much… but don’t call me a fangirl. I don’t think Edward is the hottest romance hero – not even top 10. So… I decided to NOT see the movie. I just find the leading man sooo unattractive. blech. Then I needed a new Netflix film and felt like mocking… so I got it.


Here’s the deal: it’s darn good. I sat down with this ready to mock… and instead I liked it. Everyone is EXACTLY as I pictured them, everything about Forks EXACTLY as I imagined. (Except Jasper & Rosalie… what’s up with them? He’s supposed to be a Civil War soldier and she the prettiest thing ever? nah.) Very rarely does a movie version capture the world as it was in my minds eye as reading. So that was really cool. I also appreciated how you NEEDED to watch every movement, reaction, and facial expression. Not just that, but the acting and filming was such that it was intense without being made for TV mock-tastic drama. 

Mocking? The only thing – and it had me in tears laughing- was the crazy chimes ringing when Edward was in the sun. I don’t recall being told he sparkles and chimes as if a jewel in the cave of the 7dwarfs. That was a bad move. My only other complaints were that they didn’t have Edward do his talk about twilight (tie in to title… c’mon!) and they didn’t explain the meadow as a special place for Edward.

In other words, as book turned movie goes… it was good. I’d watch the next one, especially since (spoiler!!) I want to see how they do werewolves. I really want to see that.

I maintain that Edward/Robert is not a hottie – but that was my opinion in the book version as well so it fits.

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  1. Finally, another rational woman. I also liked (didn’t love, but really liked) the Twilight Series. I thought it was very well written and kept me interested. I do prefer my heroines with a bit more of a spine, but oh well, no one’s perfect. I went with my daughter to the movie expecting to hate it as I do most movies made from books, but actually liked it quite a bit. Edward, however, is not hot. Worth the time to read and watch, but not worth an obsessive compulsive disorder 😉

  2. I loved the books but hated the movie….they add stuff in that shouldnt be in it and skip things i think should be in it….and i agree…Edward is so not hot.

  3. I did manage to finish the first book in the series…but it really “scared” me so I’ve decided not to read any more and avoid the movies. I also tend to fast forward through movies with scary parts. I guess I find “living” on this planet difficult enough. Maybe it’s age related….maybe I’ve become more sensitive as I’ve gotten older. I do enjoy a good Harry Potter movie though. 🙂

  4. I enjoyed the books as well. Like you, I wasn’t a fangirl, but they kept me entertained. I laughed out loud several times during the movie–the hardest when he sparkled and chimed and also when he “ran” up the tree. I did enjoy the movie overall though.

  5. DITTO!!! I was nodding my head at everything you said. I did go see the movie in the theater, though, although it was weeks after it came out and only because I was itching to go see a movie. I expected to hate it, too, and was pleasantly surprised. And I’m with you on Edward…I think you must need to be 12 to find him hot 🙂

  6. haha I have been fighting the Twighlight bug so as no to follow the croud but a friend convinced me to watch the movie and then I HAD to read the books, I sat consumed for 4 days reading all 4 books!! I am a bit of a Vampire book/movie/TV Show fan so it was kinda inevitable that I finally get on the Twilight bandwagon … The movie was great and the books a bit better!!

  7. I too watched this through NetFlix. My neighbor got it,so I thought what the heck, it’s free, might as well.
    I thought the girl’s facial movements were very odd. Sometimes I thought she was gonna cry or was scared when it didn’t fit. She just wasn’t a good actress. He is not all that cute, but it seemed he got cuter as the movie neared the end. My husband was wondering why this vampire has a sunroof in his car.
    I don’t guess I even noticed that Edward chimed, but thought the whole glitter thing was silly. Not a big deal if I don’t see the next one, but if the neighbor gets it and I can borrow it, I will.

  8. OH my gosh…we call those chimes the sparkley song. We pretend chime when we see it. It’s so awful it has to be mocked. The other moment that has to be mocked is the 80’s guitar music during the biology scene. Killed me! Yes…my friends and I watch that movie lots…and no we are not teenagers, we are over 30.

    I am not ashamed of my fangirl obsession with Twilight. I made so many new friends online and at home because of it. And when we get together we act younger and feel younger for just a little while. Then we all go back to our kids and some moms have kids who are sick or autistic and these little escapes are wonderful. Glad to hear you liked the movie. I too cannot wait for the werewolves….have you seen the new movie poster …it has the new wolf pack and they are gorgeous. I don’t know if I’ll do this link right but here it is….

  9. I also enjoyed the Twilight book series. I thought the love story was a little too “unhealthy”. I also have to agree that Edward/Robert is so NOT a hottie! I bought the movie on the recommendation of my niece & it’s been sitting here “sealed” for over a month now. Guess that shows the level of my addiction. I made my niece a “Twilight” mini album for her how “love story” as she is hooked on the Twilight series.

    Now I did get “hooked” on The House of Night vampire series & so hope it turns into a movie…..

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