let’s talk sookie.

I’ll spare you the long story. Short version: I finally decided to try the series of books that the show True Blood (i’ve never seen it) is based on because they keep coming up, and I decided it must be for a reason.


The Sookie Stackhouse novels (aka southern vampire mysteries) by Charlaine Harris are definitely one of the most intriguing and interesting series reads I’ve ever experienced. There are currently 8 books (9thbeing released in 2009) and worth every minute to read. Sookie (our heroine) is a waitress in rural Louisiana and is telepathic. As she shows in the stories, while this can prove to be a great gift it can equally cause problems and hardship. I enjoy the books entirely, but what I really appreciate is that Sookiefeels real. She has thoughts, worries, and problems that any person can relate to. She is a good person, a person I’d want as a friend, and also she learns, absorbs, and is true to herself as much as possible. The attention to detail and interesting characters  (supernatural and human) give a backdrop for many, many adventures and mysteries.

While the books are definitely not ‘young adult’, I really appreciate that the author doesn’t get overly descriptive or graphic in the romance. She also doesn’t use profanities, or if she does it’s so rare I simply do not recall.  These two details I definitely noticed and found refreshing.

It’s hard talking about this series without telling you specifics, but I wouldn’t want to ruin the pure reading joy and experience. I went in with very little knowledge of the series (other than 1st book basic plot) and I’m glad I did- it was fun, shocking, and totally fabulous. I like that I don’t know where the author is taking Sookie, or who she’ll end up with. The way the books are written there are so many possibilities, and they continue to change. However she ends up, I think that the author will take care of her and some good things will come to her.

dead Since it is December, and I’m in the midst of my gift giving I have something for one of you.  That’s right, I’ve got a copy of the first book (dead until dark) that I will happily gift. Just leave a comment to be entered. Winner has been drawn and announced, but I have other prizes soon to come…

Of course if you’re a fan (and have the book) I’d love to hear from you too. I do like chatting with fellow book lovers!

PS- I confess (to my fellow fans) I maintain hope and root for the Tiger or the (new) packmaster as a permanent love interest… we shall see.

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  1. I LOVED THE SHOW – OMG.. You SOOOO should watch it.. I was upset with how short it was, this season that is.. however i can’t wait for the next one! I’m soo into Vampires as of recent no idea why..

  2. I’ve never seen the show either, but the book sounds very good. The girl at the checkout at borders recomended it. I just finished the Twilight series…AMAZING, but don’t watch the movie, it was terrible. I had no idea I was so into vamipres until I read it.

  3. I have never read this, in fact I have never even heard of this book or author. would love a good holiday read though…

  4. Okay you’re the third person who has recommended that series to me lately … would love to give it a read! I heard the tv series is awesome too. 🙂

  5. I totally love the Sookie Stackhouse series. I read all the books before the show even came on…. truly entertaining. The Twilight series is some good competition for Sookie.

  6. OMG….May I need this sooooooooooooooo bad I am reading the Twilight series, and never knew I was a bookworm..and they I have ondemand and got to watching true blood, and watched all 2 one night the next day I watched the other 10 –I am a bad mommy, I was covering their eyes–I couldn’t stop watching it was soooooooooo good. So I will be done soon with my Twilight books and want to start on these as soon as I am done. Never knew I had an attraction with Vampires until this.

  7. I love these books. I bought my sister books for Christmas, and I had a hard time choosing between these and the twilight series (I went with twilight because I was afraid these would be to vampirey for her)…..I like the tiger, but there’s something about Eric that really makes me root for him….I think it’s the book where he wasn’t himself 🙂 )

  8. I am intrigued and think I will need to pick this up as my plane reading material for Holiday travels. Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like a totally different vampire read than the Twilight series or even Anne Rice.

  9. Please don’t put me in the drawing.

    I just finished All Together Dead and have just loved everyone of these books. I watched the Trueblood series on HBO after I read the first two or three books. I was impressed with some of the series and not so with other parts but in all they did a good job with following the books. I am so glad I found these books!

  10. (Please don’t enter me…I just won a lovely prize from you!) I’ve been seeing these books at the bookstore and may need to give them a try…they sound fun!

  11. I’ve been wondering if I should start this series, now I will. I think we have similar likes when it comes to books. I even bought the Evanioch book with the turkey on the cover because I just got too curious after your post. Anywho, thanks for the chance and the recommendation.

  12. I love a good read–mysteries are my favorite and I just started the Twilight series. This series looks good, too!

  13. Oh my! I NEED to read these books. I’ve read just about everything vampire-y this year…totally obsessed…weird, huh? 😉

  14. This definately sounds like a good read. I’ve had very good luck so far with your recommendations so I’ve definately put this series on my “Must Read List”. (I think we have the same taste in books).

    Right now I am reading Laura Childs “Scrapbooking Mystery Series”. I signed out 5 of them from the library and am now on book 4 in the series. I’m actually enjoying these books & the mysteries that take place around this scrapbooking store & owner.

    Thanks for another great suggestion & a chance to win.

  15. May – I have watched all of the HBO series. However, I think I would prefer the books since you say they are not overly graphic or profane. My 12 year old wanted to watch the show but I could NEVER let her. I guess they had to spice it up for ratings, but it really detracts from the great story. I’m looking forward to reading the books.

  16. Hi May,

    I’ve already got all the books. I’ve been reading them since they first came out and am just now watching the TV series. While the storyline is similar it’s very got VERY graphic sex scenes and plenty of bad language. Definitely not what I remember about the early books. The books also have comedy (due to Sookies thoughts) which are missing in the TV series. While it’s a good series I really don’t think they needed the sex scenes – they are just there for shock value I think as they don’t really add anything to the story. At least Sookie’s scenes are nice and romantic – more like you see in most movies. And like the book really. I’d love to know what Charlaine thinks of the show. If you ever do get around to seeing it I’m sure you’ll be glad you read the books first.


  17. I have been following this series for a long time! I love it! I just bought the newest one and i decided to reread the entire series from the beginning again…

    I want her to be with the Tiger..i am not a Bill fan right now but Eric could be fun too! LOL!

    I haven’t seen the show but heard its coming out on DVD on May 12th…..

    ps i do not care for the new book covers..i prefer the older ones like the first picture in this post shows…

    If you like this series May you might also like the Betsy the vampire queen series by Mary Janice Davidson…

    Jennifer Esteps superheroes series is great too…funny..as is Dakota Cassidys accidental series


    i can suggest more to you too….i read ALOT!

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