New ideas: Class with James Luke Burke

A week (or two now? Summer time flies…) ago I took a class from James Luke Burke on illustration and I am still blown away! If you ever have the chance- take a class from him. Or even just follow him on IG or YouTube so much inspiration!

Here is a link to my YouTube video if you want to see my work and a few more on where I’m taking the ideas.

What struck me the most was:

  • I need to make more small amounts of time to practice
  • I CAN draw! Who knew? Not me – I am shocked by how well I did over the course of a day
  • Investing in myself (or yourself!) and gaining education and creative concepts is always a good idea
  • Fly with more crazy ideas – why not?
  • Embrace the whimsical. Reality surrounds me every day, why not play in the non-realist world a bit more?

I am currently designing a Vegas style showgirl costume for a horse (oh yes, really) and I have to tell you this class really boosted up my confidence because I was better able to sketch my concepts in advance of having materials, and it’s been great!

I am also currently designing my outfits for the rapidly approaching GenCon event and being able to sketch with more confidence? HUGE!

One of my many ambitious personal goals is to connect more, be more vocal with fellow creatives and well, anyone who is around! This class was a great chance to support a visiting artist as well as learn from an amazing teacher. It also reminded me to compliment more, try more often, and keep at it.

I’ll be here writing thank you notes, doodling, and well – being my best self! What are you up to this summer?

2 thoughts on “New ideas: Class with James Luke Burke”

  1. JLB is a hoot! I took several of his classes last year. He is so much fun (that laugh!), inspirational and yes, a great teacher. And thank you for sharing all that you do……love your drawings and expanding your horizons. Have fun exploring your new JLB world.

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