Around here: June 2019

Where do I begin? I’ve got one kid graduating Elementary, the other moving Jr High to High School and life is crazy busy!

We got a new ice cream place in town called “Cream” and they are pure evil! And by that, I mean so tempting and sinfully good and they don’t just serve ice cream – it’s a whole experience! First you pick a base like a donut or a cookie or pie even… then add ice cream and toppings and… well let’s just say I’m proud I’ve only been once in the 2 weeks they’ve been open!

We’ve been trying to eat lighter, make veggies and light healthy choices more the norm vs forcing ourselves to eat good stuff. It is a constant struggle and especially with the aforementioned busy-ness well it is a struggle. If you’re someone who balances a very hectic schedule I’d love your tips! We’ve been looking to places (like above) where we can order off menu and not struggle to be healthy as well as home cooking. Always learning and growing, trying new!

We went and saw the lightning thief last month and it was so fun! Becca’s new obsession? Musicals! Her hope is to do a few days in NYC and multiple shows… that is a few years off to say the least! But I love that she has a new passion and that she is always developing interests.

These four are doing quite well! This photo was from a picnic outing in the country and it was such fun! Elizabeth finished out her track season, but will begin her High School career as a runner next week. What?! YEP! Jumping right on in with cross country conditioning sessions all summer, every weekday! I’m more than a little grumpy about the 6pm practice time as I’m one who likes to be CHILL in the evenings… but I’ll deal!

So that just about sums it up. We’re heading into the final week of school as I post this and my schedule is down to the minute busy – but it’s all so worth it! Time really does fly and I’m doing my best to be present, enjoy, and just keep doing my best in all ways.

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  1. I really love these posts May! Can you believe you have a high schooler?? My son is in his second last year of school and that just doesn’t seem real to me. I love musicals too – and I love Rebecca’s idea of a few days in NYC to see some musicals!!! That ice cream place looks amazing!!!

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