Pipsticks Planner 2019-2020

While I don’t often blog about products, I wanted to do a quick one about this! I just received my pre-order of my Pipsticks planner. This will be the second year I use this brand, and I’m a fan!

The planner is available (free shipping!) on Amazon – here’s an affiliate link. What I like about it are a few things. First and foremost – it’s happy, bright, and really simple. It sets me up to actually want to use it! Secondly, it runs August 2019-Dec2020. I’m a really big fan of planners that start mid-year (I never have time to start new things in January!), and I like my planners to overlap – what I mean is, I’m going to be switching to this in August, and anything “August and beyond” will go in there. But the things I needed marked before then are in my old planner, so up until this one arrived I had a place to put those notes other than a post it.

Sound too complex? Well I manage a three ring circus around here! So here are a few notes about this planner:

  • Monthly view comes first
  • Then weekly view for each month
  • It comes with some fun stickers
  • The ring binding is really stable – I take mine everywhere and beat it up and it stays strong!
  • It is very simple/clean design, so you can easily customize it to your own needs

Above you can see the sticker packet – so fun! There are also different designs, but I’ve been really partial to rainbows and happiness plus my whole studio theme is a full rainbow so it made sense for me.

With one kid going into Jr High, the other in High School, and both full of activities – well let’s just say life won’t be slow or boring around here! I’m happy to have planners (this one is my work one) that help me stay organized and like I can indeed manage all that goes on here. You can purchase these directly from Pipsticks, but I found Amazon.com to be the much better price and shipping. If you have any favorite new products or things keeping you organized lately- I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. This looks like fun! With the Northern Hemisphere school year starting in August/September it makes sense to have a planner start at this time too

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