One hand: card making

A friend of mine broke her hand – and it made me reflect on not just how glad I am that my own wrist injury is (pretty much) healed and that I am back to normal (minus a lot of exercises I used to do but can’t now). I’m still rebuilding and strengthening – and will be for years to be honest. But it reminded me how panicked I got at idea of not being able to craft.


Good news? You CAN craft! So it might look or feel different than normal – but there are things you can do. I created this YouTube tutorial to share with you one idea I just got – and that I was able to complete mostly left handed too (right being my dominant hand).

As a recap of the how-to: 

  1. Start with watercolor paper (die cut or a square/rectangle shape for background!) and color (ANY water reactive medium in ANY combination will do!)
  2. Glue to card front- I used 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 folded card
  3. Stamp a sentiment or add a word sticker – if stamping I’d recommend archival ink
  4. Add sequins/buttons/beads
  5. Finish with glitter glue

I just adore how this turned out – and I hope you liked the video! If you have craft techniques or projects that are good for those with grip or hand usage issues please DO share! The one thing that was so great during my injured time was support from others who have hand/mobility/physical limitations and ideas. So it is my hope to continue to share “one handed friendly” ideas as I come up with them!

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