Around here: October in the studio

Scrappy (above) watching over the neighborhood from a newly discovered perch. Hey guys! All is CRAZY here but it’s (hopefully) coming to an end so I wanted to share! The short version of the story is… except my room and the kitchen we reorganized the entire house. This has been going on since around June – it’s a process! Let’s focus on the fun & painting and crafty details! 

Above you can see Elizabeth’s new room (formerly Rebecca’s room) repainted and shelves going up! Dinosaurs, horses, and dragons! We also repainted her former room (the new craft studio!) from a very bold pink to cream. “Barcelona White”

We also got pretty wild testing possible paint techniques… before deciding plain Barcelona white walls + artwork was the better route. But it could have been fun to get wild!!

New Raskogs were added and the existing one was reorganized. Here Bandit shows a little known use: Dachshund resting place. I will have a video and post coming soon with some rolling cart suggestions.

Now we’re waiting on new flooring for the new studio, hallway, and Elizabeth’s room. These bedrooms had same carpet the 15 years we’ve lived here so it’s time!! This moving around is the perfect time to do it. So right now the existing studio is serving as Elizabeth’s bedroom, my studio, the computer room/office… well it’s CRAMPED! But it’s all finally coming together after months of work and weeks of waiting on the (of course!) backordered flooring.

I’ve decided to paint the entrance to the new studio while I wait on flooring – video tutorial to come soon! Hoping I’ll have a STUDIO tour to share sooner than later too! That’s pretty much it around here. Moving & cleaning out pretty much every corner of the house has been great!! Loving the decluttered feeling.

2 thoughts on “Around here: October in the studio”

  1. I”m a little confused about who is going where….lol, guess that is not important. I just have one question…is your craft room going to be bigger or smaller than the old one? enquiring minds want to know. Hugs, treen

  2. Now that #2 son has moved away from home, I have an extra room. So much bigger than my current craft room. But the thought of moving it all wears me out. I am in awe of you and all you accomplish while raising 3 girls and 3 dogs.

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