Dog treat jar: featuring ScanNCut

Big or small, fancy or simple, I love to give gifts to people and animals too. Today I’m sharing a video tutorial that is quick and simple – but really adds a ton to the gift!

usual disclaimer – I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions shared are 100% my own. I love that ScanNCut!

One thing within the ScanNCut are designs that have multiple pieces. In this YouTube video I will show how to pull them all in, assemble in order, and cut!

If you have a ScanNCut – I hope the video tutorial helped explain that! Remember designs like these? Most of the time you’d place pieces together on a project separately so it doesn’t really matter if you assemble them in order on the screen or not. For a project like this? It makes it go together so very quick and easy!

I’ve been working hard on simple inexpensive gift ideas for people, dogs, everyone really. The way I figure it, I can’t control much but I can try to bring some sunshine and joy into the world even if in small ways. I ended up leavingĀ  this particular jar plain – more wasn’t better in this case once I filled it with tiny treats.

I am absolutely smitten with adding custom vinyl stickers to containers to add homemade fun to simple gifts. It’s hard to believe but September is tomorrow and the holidays won’t be far behind! I’d love to hear from you – what gifts are you making this year? Do you gift things to folks year-round or focus in at the holidays? Got a great idea? Please do share! I’ll be sharing more homemade (and semi-homemade) giftable items more regularly as I make an effort to spread a little happiness and brighten days in small ways.

4 thoughts on “Dog treat jar: featuring ScanNCut”

  1. What a cool idea. I could make one for my mum & her spoiled dog! (I think the doggy treats wouldn’t fit in that size jar lol)

  2. You will be pleased to know the scan-n-cut is out of the box and actually in the craft room. Huge step for me. I know one of the problems I encounter is not a machine problem The humidity here is horrendous. So many times the paper I try to cut sticks to the mat. It literally just peels off leaving half the paper on the mat. I’ve done everything I know to “de-stick” my mat,but the problem continues. Need to figure out a way to dry out my paper.

  3. I am planning on making t shirts with iron on vinyl for my nieces and nephew. I will also be taking a photo of their dog and making a puzzle for them.

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