have fun with your art.

ThermOWeb sent me some new Rebekah Meier surfaces a while back, and as I continue to play and get to know them as well as how they work best I wanted to pause and share one specific product I think is cool, as well as talk a bit about creative play.

There is a reason art journaling is wildly popular, and why I can be found most days testing things out on scraps of paper is because it offers no pressure creative freedom. Trying to jump in with an unknown or untested medium or technique is brutal. It pushes us too hard too fast! Too much pressure! It also increases the chances of frustration, failure, and stress.

I don’t know about you – but I want none of that in my creating! My solution? I test things out. In a small batch or amount, in an art journal or on paper in some way that provides NO risk. Here is a quick YouTube video I created.

Affiliate links used. The Art Paper can be found in stores (here’s a link to Scrapbook.com) – as well as the rest of this line. If you’d like to see more here’s a link. I also used a stencil – here’s a link to that. In these photos I used white paste for my stencil then used oil pastels (just like in video).

In my video I focused on Art Paper – but truly any product or technique you may have will apply here. I am currently trying to figure out how to add a watercolor strip to a wall without drips. Easy? NO! So I’m testing ideas with paints of all sorts in my art journal where there is no stress, pressure, or fuss. Just experiments. I hope I’ve encouraged you to just play and test – and to let go of expectations even if just for a few minutes. To truly enjoy the process and find creative freedom I’ve found this to be  a necessary weekly occurrence.

Have FUN with it. Are you working with anything new or want to know about something new in particular? Let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

3 thoughts on “have fun with your art.”

  1. Pretty example. Mixed media is something I struggle with but if I play with mixed media products I usually use it on a small piece or small project so it’s no loss if it doesn’t work out. And if it does work then I can add it to a bigger piece!

  2. I joined a 30-day mixed media journal challenge- what was I thinking? But then again- I keep wanting to play with all the new mediums I have & I need to do that- using the journal prompt as inspiration for a theme… I really love that heart stencil- stuck it in my faves on SB.com 🙂

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