Tissue Stars & Paint

I went looking at kid artwork to inspire today’s post and what I found was this: tissue. Mosaic designs to crumpled, tissue shows up a TON in school artwork! So, how could I be inspired by this and put my own twist on it?

disclaimer: I am a paid consultant for Brother, however all ideas and opinions are my own. The ScanNCut is indeed a machine I use, love, and can’t get enough of!

My solution was to crumple and glue (any liquid adhesive should work) a sheet of tissue to a very heavy sheet of cardstock. Why heavy? So that any warping would be minimized and the surface stable. I just crinkled, smudged, and basically let the tissue do whatever simply making sure it was glued down absolutely everywhere. That’s a key for later on.

Once satisfied and it was mostly dry I began painting. Acrylic paint, sprays, inks – whatever! Just let each layer semi-dry so you don’t make mud and blot off excess as needed. The results? Incredible! Even better? Now I’ve got a super fun piece to create with – and cutting it out will be a breeze. Here is my tutorial video explaining my process.

As I mentioned in the video I have a LOT of Thank You cards to write this week so having a basic idea to then alter/mix up but make the same basic card helped a lot. Here are three of the cards I made with my wild painted tissue.

I absolutely love the results – and I think this technique could be fantastic for anything from Christmas ornaments to home d├ęcor to art journaling. All inspired by simple elementary school tissue art too – who would have thought?

If you create with tissue I’d love to know how you use it and what you like to make. I’m always looking for new fun ideas. Thanks for checking out my project and remember stay tuned because each week I add new tutorials, videos, and crafty fun.

9 thoughts on “Tissue Stars & Paint”

  1. Very cute cards! I think the stars look like they were cut from a fancy piece of homemade paper, which I think is cool looking. I will try this technique, thanks!

  2. Love how these turned out. already have some projects in mind. I make flowers with tissue paper. Lisa Pace had them on a blog years ago and I really like how they look. It was the first Sizzix die I bought.

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