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Today I’m inspired by some new Lawn Fawn products including their new vacation planning stamps which they’ve generously donated for a give-away today.  What I love about this stamp set is how many ways I can already see for utilizing them.

I see using them in my calendar (planner), but I also see using them in mini-books, in my scrapbook, on pocket pages, and even on a card. For today I wanted to create a tiny “planner” of sorts for next year’s Hawaii trip. Like any project my process went like this:

  • How much information do I have?
  • How much space will I need?
  • Is this a long term/permanent project or short term/disposable project?

Small since this will be a stay at a time share and relaxing beach trip, short term it isn’t a forever heirloom project – but possibly utilize parts in a bigger/post trip project. Knowing this I got out some manila tags and got to work. Here is a link to my YouTube video sharing how I’m putting this book together.

I am so happy with how this turned out – and I’ve already filled in the details I have as well as made myself notes for things I need to arrange/set up down the road.

Lawn Fawn planner stamps, Lawn Fawn aloha and palm tree dies are the stars of today’s post. I also used archival ink in black (a must!), colored my dies with some favorite Lawn Fawn ink colors including guava and jalapeno.  All of those links lead to – a site that always has the Lawn Fawn goodies I need and wraps everything so beautifully! You can also find them at all the best shops (my LSS carries them now -yay!) including other online shops like – here’s a link to them for the planner stamps. 

In my experience planning for a good vacation is best done in small amounts of time, as far in advance as you know the trip will happen. I personally use trip planning as a reward – I love it! Having a cute spot to record details and “don’t forget…” helps too. So often we’ll see a good place to eat or visit on TV or talking with a friend and we’d forget if not for some kind of planner.

Not into vacations or planning? Today’s project could also inspire you to create a mini book! Notice how I used various bits of paper, die cuts, even a few letter stickers in addition to black ink and the stamps. This could be a “tag book” with photos and journaling instead of a mini trip planner.

When it comes to trip planning – honestly I have almost as much fun with this part as I do being on the trip. Researching hotels, finding delicious food, getting great seats to a sold out show… it’s the most fun kind of planning edging out planning a vacation scrapbook after ever so slightly. You know I think I could be happy just planning, taking, and scrapbooking travels if only that was a full time job!

Here are 3 tips for happy travels:

  1. Start EASY. Sure you’ll land at noon, but if you won’t be at the hotel until 2-3pm at best… maybe don’t cram in an afternoon tour and feel stressed out on arrival “will we make it?!” far better to relax with the plans and “wait and see” what time you actually are ready to rock.
  2. Have a plan B and C. Sometimes someone gets sick, there is a thunder storm, or you just don’t feel like eating at the place you’d planned. Know and have some backup options! From Disney World to NYC I can’t tell you how many times my “backups” saved the sanity and meltdowns of someone in my family. Oh the stories I could tell you… perhaps I’ll start a “plan B” vacation scrapbook album.
  3. Enjoy whatever you do. It won’t ever be perfect whether you’ve got a hotel room that has a ‘charming’ whirring sound of the elevator motors or someone gets sick and has to lay low… the trip doesn’t have to be a bust. Find the fun, enjoy the travel time and adventure – and don’t forget to scrapbook it when you return!

Give-away time! Lawn Fawn sent me two of these planner stamp sets. What’s a crafter to do? SHARE of course!! I’ll be including some manila tags and a few surprise goodies that I think are just perfect for vacation planning along with this stamp set. How to win it? For your chance to win leave a comment here and a winner will be drawn at random and announced on the July 16th round-up post.

74 thoughts on “make a plan: mini travel planner”

  1. Travel mini albums are my favourite thing to make! Im currently putting photos and stories down in a Travelers notebook (my new addiction) the lawn Fawn planner stamps would be perfect in this project.

  2. This looks like a very fun idea. I don’t get to travel much but I can see using it the next time I’m lucky enough to go somewhere. And Lawn Fawn products are so cute! I like the planner stamp set, I’d be using that “Staycation” stamp all the time, ha!

  3. I’m planning for our first NYC trip (took a few ideas from your last trip, May) so these stamps would be perfect! I have some ideas on my phone but have learned from other trips that some times you need them on paper! Don’t want to overplan but want to optimize our time there. Thanks for the ideas, as usual, May!

  4. This looks great! Im not a big planner, yet. Ive started small for my daily plans, but should set plans as not to waste my hubby’s days off 🙂

  5. Totally agree with May on the fun of trip planning…and thIs mini planner is a great idea! Love that you could also then use parts of it in the after vacation scrapbook!

  6. Really cute idea. I bought a planner with the purpose of using it as a traveler’s journal. This will get me started!

  7. Looks like a fun idea for our next Disney trip. I always keep a journal, and this would work really well. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to Lawn Fawn for the giveaway!

  8. We don’t travel anymore but I can see using this for planning other small trips.
    Perhaps to my favorite rubber stamp and scrapbook stores to buy products.
    Make a list of items nneeded for a plan I have made.

  9. We recently got back from Florida from the UK WITH our just 3 year old. I made plans B to z and thankfully we didn’t need any 🙂 love the idea of making a travel planning, great way to collect info for future trips.

  10. We are going on a little road trip this weekend, I might have to make a cute little book like this!

  11. I love Lawn Fawn, and have several of their stamps and stamp+die sets. Love the book and how you make the planning fun.

  12. Adorable! I sure could use a little planner for my trip this holiday weekend! Thanks for the idea and for the chance at the set!

  13. I Love this cute tag book! Very fun colors and details! Looks like fun to make!

  14. How cool is this ? What a great idea before a vacation! Love what you did !
    Thanks for a chance to win the adorable goodies !

  15. very cool idea! we are leaving for Paris in a month and I really need to do this before we go. Much cuter than the scraps of paper we have laying around.

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  16. Cute, cute, cute! I have some travel scrapbook pages to do that these stamps would work wonderfully with. London, dachau, and italy trips are still waiting on me to finish them up. 😉

  17. So cute! We will be traveling quite a bit this summer and fall so these could come in handy!

  18. Love, love, love this! So cute. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

  19. I don’t have a trip planned, but I was just looking at a mini book i want to make. boom.

  20. Very fun idea! I’m not a regular planner girl but do like to keep specific project planners; will be referring back to this post for my next trip.

  21. These are so cute. I could see them being used to make a full blown background too. Yay.

  22. OMB this is a great idea. Guess I need to plan a vacation to prepare for this and using it on my real vacation!

  23. I agree planning a trip is just as much fun is not more fun than actually taking one.

  24. I love how colorful your cover is! And a great way to create anticipation for an upcoming trip. LOVE!

  25. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! I love the idea of a little planner book for vacation. I tried to do a bigger journal & it was just too much for my last trip. But this is small, fits in a pocket of my purse & can easily be taken to jot notes and tidbits of what we did and saw. It’s so easy to get the days mixed up. I think I’ll get the ingredients to put one of these together for the next trip.

  26. Im with you, if I could make a career Of planning, traveling, and scrapbooking adventures I’d be a happy girl

  27. I love to travel and to plan . . . how have I never made a travel planning journal?! I NEED this set!

  28. I love your ideas, May! I always do planning for trips, but never this cute! I could sure use that adorable stamp set! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. Hello. i’ve been “watching” Camp scrap and will jump in soon. ; ) will you have the same “schedule” each week – for example, Monday – make a plan?

  30. Love the idea of a “Plan B ” scrapbook album! I’m with you–making a mini book to record my vacation planning and then using it as a journal while on vacation has made it so much easier to complete vacation scrapbooks. Thanks for the inspiring video

  31. Those lawn fawn stamps and dies are too cute! I love the crab and the aloha! I love this idea and then saving the tags and using them in my album after the trip along with the photos of what we did.

  32. Just love these stamps, just have to google how to get them!
    Lots of holidays planned for the last 6 months of the year, will get a great workout!
    I need to remember to plan!!
    Linda from Australia ????????

  33. Great project and fun way to remember your fun trip. I love the little crab and palm tree. The little tags are awesome way also to make a mini journal. Fun and creative.

  34. I love the tag book idea! Your vacation projects always inspire me to work on my own vacation albums! I love those adorable little planner stamps and dies!

  35. With 5 animals to care for, we don’t do much traveling. But making a planner in a smaller size appeals to me. It wouldn’t be so daunting.

  36. I don’t do much traveling, but I can see how much fun this would be for a “dream”cation. I love the stamp set for a planner. Thanks again for the opportunity to win.

  37. I always do some research before traveling but putting it in a mini book is much more fun than a legal pad! although for my last trip to LA, I included some of my feelings and pre-trip planning.

  38. I don’t need these stamps…I don’t need these stamps…I don’t need these stamps

    If I say it often enough maybe I won’t buy them? I love your super-cute tiny vacation planner May.

  39. I scrapped a mini album on the plane home from Hawaii. I had a long flight and too excited to sleep because I hadn’t seen my parents in 3 years. (we were stationed in HI for 3 years and never had a chance to go home) so I was beyond excited to see my Mom! 🙂 My husband said, you really will scrap anywhere won’t you! 🙂 I still have the mini tag album about our trip home. It is one of my favorites and it is a tradition for me before or after a trip to make a mini album.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win May. I hope you are having a fantastic summer!

  40. These little planners are adorable! And you always make the most “useable” cute stuff. Love your ideas

  41. I am like you I have as much fun planning as I do vacationing. I plan all our vacations and my sister and I are always doing something. We just got back from Florida and are planning our fall trip. Next April we are headed out on a 13 day Med. cruise. 8 ports of call! SO excited. This will be my 3rd Med. cruise! I would love to win these!!! Thank you for the chance!!

  42. I don’t travel much, but I do take a notebook along for small road trips to keep things in that I might want to scrap and remember.

  43. oh my goodness-love this cover! I have been eyeing those Lawn fawn dies-they look like so much fun!

  44. i love planning my girls getaway trips…i can totally see making a mini from the most recent trip we just took at the end of April, but i already have our next trip in mind and have already started gathering data and ‘favor’ materials. i sent invites out of the April trip because it was a momentous birthday for one of us..but think these would be cute to send to everyone for their own trip planning/memory keeping of the trip after.! Thanks for the inspiration, may!!

  45. This planner is so stinking cute! I love those stamps and the way you used them. I have tried to do some on-the-go scrapbooking, but the most success I’ve had is writing in cute handmade journals. These stamps would be the perfect compliment to future travel journals!! Thanks for the inspiration and for the giveaway 🙂

  46. I don’t do planners as I had to keep one in my previous job. When I retired that was the first thing I dropped. My family used to call it my life. If anything was to happen, it had to be in my life or it didn’t happen. Now I use my phone calendar, synced to my iPad and I try to have as little as possible on it. I have not bought into the travel notebooks either but I do lots of traveling, so that one might entice me. I really like how you included planning in it.

  47. Oh this is so fun and easy. I think I could handle this! Love it. Thanks for the chance.

  48. I love your planner tag book. I do a lot of pre-trip planning but just keep lists in a folder. Your planner book is much cuter!

  49. I love how you start with a tag. Everyone should have the supplies you mention or be able to swap in something to make this work. Great ideas here May! Thanks for another chance to win.

  50. OMG that stamp set is fabulous! I am definitely going to try this minibook/travel planner idea, hm, maybe a trip would be nice!

  51. This is great inspiration! We are planning a trip in the fall and I am going to work on a planner – I’ve cut out pages with my Cricut, now to decorate and plan!!

  52. What a great travel album. Who wouldn’t want to make one? Thankx for the giveaway

  53. These adorable stamps could also be used for cute tags, summer cards and projects, and just for fun. Your little travel planner is the cutest ever and I always love Lawn Fawn!

  54. I’m planning a girl’s trip to Disney World for my mom, my sister, and me. I wonder if I could make a travel planner for that?

  55. EEK! Love your travel planner and ohhhh those stamps. in the next two months we will be in Reno, Tahoe, Canada and Colorado so a planner like yours would definitely come in handy. LOL! thank you for the inspiration and keeping me on track.

  56. I love your travel planner and those great planner stamps. You’ve got me excited to create a travel planner for our next vacation (whenever that may be) Or just to make a tag album about a recent vacation. I would so love to win these stamps!!! Thanks to lawn fawn for donating these stamps and to May for giving them away!!

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