a merry (rose garden) christmas ornament


The colors aren’t what you might expect for a Christmas ornament – but for me it works! I just love the combination or pink, green, and gold for a less traditional take on holiday decorating! This ornament was so much fun to make – I keep making them! Here is my video tutorial on YouTube

Rose Garden is one of my new 28 Lilac Lane shaker mixes – now shipping/in stores! Don’t know where to find it? Stay tuned! As I see this mix show up in stores I will be sure to share information with you here.


I just love having a new fun project to create with my embellishments. Especially since this project uses up the empty ornaments I got last year that “someday” I was going to figure out projects for! Got to love using up the stash while having a lot of fun and shaking up the holidays!

What is your favorite holiday color combo? Or are you a monochromatic kind of holiday décor gal?

5 thoughts on “a merry (rose garden) christmas ornament”

  1. Love how this turned out! Saw the sneak peek on instagram and glad to see how it all came together. This is a great mix, but I think I must have the Rainbow Unicorn!

  2. It’s beautiful! I love it. I guess I’m a more traditional, color wise, for the holidays, reds, greens, gold, silver. But yet our stockings are dark blue, so who knows! I’m sure these are fun to make. Michelle t

  3. I LOVE this color, our tree is all pink, pink ornaments, pink garland, pink lights I know it doesn’t sound pretty but it really is. Pink is my favorite color, and I have a very amazing husband that let’s me decorate the house any way I want so of course beside my scraproom our house is mostly all pink and I love it. This new collection is awesome, I have to go to scrapbook.com and hope they are caring it, they tend to be slow getting your collection there, I have written them a few times regarding this issue.

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