Use the stash: Sticker scene


This sweet little card was made not because I was inspired, but because I wanted to finish out a sheet of stickers. I couldn’t see a use for the huge trees and teepee… so now what? Well I’ll tell you the answer:

make a card or tag

Color me crazy, but I’d always prefer to have finished giftables ready to go than a sticker sheet with 3-4 stickers left on it! For this, I created the background of trees and teepee, then layered on a sentiment and 3 additional stickers. Using my stash, making a card, and it was quick and easy! The fall kit I put together to make this project is from my Kittastic 2016 all new class. Want to learn more and join the fun? Click here! The pre-registration price ends this week!

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  1. Just had a chance to watch your video of the “choose joy” stamp and just wanted to tell you that I love your videos, and don’t mind longer ones, though they can be short, too. Whatever works for you. But I do love them, and will watch longer ones. Michelle t

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