Donut Planner clip with ScanNCut


I’ve been wanting to explore making my own paper clips. Great for everything from clipping money into a birthday card to planner organization, really! There are a lot of materials you could use of course. What will I do next? Well when flipping through the existing patterns on my ScanNCut machine I realized a donut clip – perhaps a glittery one – would be fabulous!

disclaimer that I am a paid consultant for Brother, but as always all ideas and opinions are my own.


My planner needs are evolving – more on that another day. But I’m in charge of all the weekday meals for now so I thought a fun food based clip would do nicely. I ended up creating one 1.3 inches wide. Perfect size! You can click here for my YouTube tutorial

I wasn’t actually sure if I could edit the sizes after picking the pieces – so I was pleasantly surprised that while 1.75 was minimum size the machine allowed, once I got into the edit screen I could change that! So just one great tip from me to you. I’m always learning something new, I tell you!

For today I’m just THRILLED to have this glittery donut adding a little handmade sparkle and fun to my planner.


Right now I’m trying to figure out how to be better at organization and planning. I don’t believe anyone is simply good at it. I believe it is a skill to constantly work at and hone. I will be back to share where I’m at (and what is/isn’t working) on that front in a separate post. Have a sweet week!

2 thoughts on “Donut Planner clip with ScanNCut”

  1. Really cute, May. Looking forward to reading more about your planner and organization. Michelle t

  2. I’ll trade you all my organizing and productivity skills just to have a fraction of your creativity, May.

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