coming along…

Hey all, just a quick check-in post to let you know how things are going here at injury central. There’s new pains, but I’m told it’s ok and most likely “using muscles that haven’t been used in months” kind of pain, not injury bad pain. Pain is good? I will take it.

DSC_5180 copy

I’m able to write a bit, as well as type just a bit more. Most coloring, holding scissors, or utilizing a knife are still just not possible with the brace situation I have going on. That’s ok. I’m finding things that I *can* do each and every day, and I’m focusing on that. I am also focusing on things like the fact that my gardening attentions have my long time violet blooming for the first time in about two years.

New growth, new ideas, inspiration, and possibilities. Yes this is hard, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise or pretend I don’t want to scream when asked if I’m better yet… but the progress is happening. I will keep trying to see this time as an opportunity for new directions and positive habits. Trying ideas and testing things I hadn’t previously done. Why not?

Who knows – maybe my blooming violet here is just one of many fabulous rewards I will get for the patience and good work…

4 thoughts on “coming along…”

  1. Thanks for the update. It sounds like some progress, some good is happening. Although I never understood how more pain was ever good, but I’ve heard that before, too. As always, hoping for continuing progress, getting well, much love to you. Michelle t

  2. So glad to hear you feel like you are making some progress. I do admire you focusing on what you can do and exploring that! A blooming violet is always an accomplishment!! Take care, May!!

  3. Hi May , I’m glad to hear things are improving little by little. That’s good news for you, I”m sure. You’ll have to give us the secret of how to make an African Violet bloom. Mine has plenty of leave, no flowers! Maybe you could become an expert in garden advice as well as your other many qualities!! Keep getting better.

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