Say no to obligation crafting!

Whether it is creating a baby album because you ‘should’, making your own Christmas cards because it is ‘expected’ or creating the best dessert party table ever because everyone on Pinterest does… today I encourage you to say no to obligation crafting.

Creating should always, in my opinion, come from a place of joy, love, or at the very least genuine interest. I’ve been in the creative craft industry for a long time (13+ years) and in that time I’ve seen a lot of people quit due to burn-out, doing things they didn’t love, and because they let the feelings of obligations guide what they created.


If you scrapbook – creating a single layout per year, skipping huge chunks of time or events, and only creating what you enjoy? Totally fine. Give yourself permission to just have fun with it. If you love making cards guess what? It’s ok to buy premade cards sometimes! You don’t have to always make things from scratch.


Don’t worry about what you’re doing vs anyone else. I don’t know about you – but my creating time is my own, and I treat it as such. What some could label as ‘selfish’, I look at as time invested in my own happiness. I see it as keeping my mental health positive, and keeping myself happy and charged up so that as I face the challenges of the world I am in a better place to assist others. It’s like the airplane safety warning – apply your own mask first. Then you’re taken care of and able to help others.

No matter what kind of creative play you enjoy – use colors and styles you love. Trends and styles are going to come and go- except one. The best trend I know, and the one I’ve been seeing gain momentum is to simply be YOU. To embrace your own unique style and combination. You don’t have to label yourself and you don’t have to play inside just one creative box.


Mix and match. Test and try stuff. Play and enjoy. For me any time spent with my hands on embellishments, paste, or paint is time that I’m grateful to have. It’s creative play time. So I try to, as you may know, keep the rules and what should be done out of my head and to a minimum.

I turn up the volume on enjoying the act of simply creating.

Am I a “scrapbooker” “card maker” “mixed media artist” “paper crafter” “art journal enthusiast”??? I am all of these things, and none of these things. I am, like all of you, a creative person who enjoys the process.

13 thoughts on “Say no to obligation crafting!”

  1. Love your positive message. You are one of the most positive, kind, genuine people. I just started making cards on a more regular basis, and sent one to someone who wasn’t my daughter or my girlfriend, it was a big step forward for me, not only in my “creative journey”, but in my life. Yes, we all need to make this our own. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  2. I am so with you! Just about to start gutting my craft area and supplies and am really excited about creating a new craft space, ready to work on just what I want, when I want with evverything to hand.


  3. Well said, I get so tired of hearing ‘you should sell your creations, you could make some money’. I do not create to make money, i create to please me.

  4. Yay, May!! I agree with you wholeheartedly! I spent too much time and money taking classes from those who wanted to tell me how to arrange my albums, what colors to use, and what was and wasn’t the “inspired” story. It took the joy right out of the hobby. Thanks so much for encouraging the fun in this wonderful hobby.

  5. i agree with you so much! we need to have a recording on a cd for all of us to listen to when we forget and get caught in the trap. you help me so many times. have fun! hugs, treen

  6. I agree with you 100%. i made a card for a co-worker and another co-worker volunteer me to make the cards. I put my foot down and told her I do this for enjoyment and that I made this card for this person because I work with her more than anyone in our group.

  7. Well said May!! You are always so den to earth and blaze the trail in celebrating our own uniqueness.

  8. Thank you for this post! I completely agree! part of why i craft is for my own mental health and enjoyment. people tell me i should sell my cards, or submit them, but i don’t want to. I have a day-time job for the things i have to do, why would i want to make my crafting into a job too? Ugh.

  9. I am printing your post and hanging it from and center on my inspiration board! Thank you! Serious desk love, too!

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