First look: 28 Lilac Lane


Guess what? The sneak peeks are rollin in! While I don’t (yet!) have peeks at all of the various boxes and jars of embellishments that are coming soon, I do have a few and I am so excited to share some peeks with you! I also created an introduction video – you can check that out here: Link to YouTube


New Leaf (below) in its box – perfect for spring! Above you see a few attic treasures – and the box it’ll come in!


I will be doing demos and chatting with people at CHA when this line officially is revealed, and I can’t wait! In January video tutorials and ideas will be shared as well, and this line should begin shipping early 2016 so you don’t have long to wait.


I am so excited to see this line come to life! So many colors, textures, and details. If you want to see continued peeks follow me on instagram (@craftwithmay) – otherwise keep reading the blog here as I will begin sharing tutorials & project videos in just 2 weeks.

DSC_1030 copy

Here’s one of the first project tutorials to come – love shiny little frames. Thanks for tuning in – and for all your excitement about this new line!

15 thoughts on “First look: 28 Lilac Lane”

  1. Oh, my God, love, love, love! I love the colors, the paw print charms, oh, wow. Those Christmas trees! So beyond happy and thrilled. So very well deserved, you’re so talented. Love that picture frame, too. And can’t wait to see more. Michelle t

  2. Another OMG! here. I want them all.These are the kinds of “pretties” that me happy. And you’ve grouped them by color-it is going to make crafting so much easier. I can get rid of all the stuff I have in way too many confusing containers and places. this is going to make my crafting so much easier-and less stressful. I’ve reached the age where I forgot easily-you have no idea what a difference these collections are going to make for me. Can I share the video on FB?

  3. May, I love how it’s a whole box of coordinated elements- makes it easy peasy! Each one looks wonderful. Wish you the best at CHA!

  4. Oh may!! These embellishment collections are drop dead gorgeous in perfect color combinations with beautiful and interesting charms that I have not been able to find! I can’t wait until they are available to order!
    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

  5. Oh my word, I just LOVE buttons too! The colours and assortments that you’ve put together look amazing, congratulations on this new achievement!

  6. How exciting! love the color combinations and the variety of embellishments in each box. Can’t wait to see the whole line!!!

  7. May!!! These are fantastic! I love the colour combos you’ve pictured and love all the little extras too! I might have to give you some money and get you to send me one of each box … just so I don’t have to wait too long to get them here!!!

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