Spooky easy stamped card with ScanNCut2

As always, I start my ScanNCut post with the disclaimer that I do work with Brother, and they did provide me with the machine I use. However, all ideas and opinions are mine alone. Now let’s get to the fun stuff because this is AWESOME FUN!

Before I get going this does actually work with ANY ScanNCut model, but you may find that the original machine (vs 2) requires a bit of extra help along the way such as thickening your exterior stamp line. But welding and creating something like this? All ScanNCut machines can! Hooray!

DSC_7992 copy

For this card I scanned the stamp but didn’t cut it out. Then welded a circle to the left, then cut it out. So easy, and once done a quick swirl of color, some extra black ink, a bit of sparkle mist, and a few words had my card ready to go out and haunt someone.

For those of you with ScanNCut machines I know you’ll wanna see the exact how-to. So checkĀ out the video I uploaded today here: link to YouTube

DSC_7984 copy

I’m off to haunt some more new ideas and scare up some fun…

Looking for your own ScanNCut2? I use the 650w model, which is exclusively available at Brother dealers. Also available (and that has same functions in general as my machine) is the 350 – aka the other SNC2 model. You can find that all over the place including (affiliate link) Amazon.

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  1. Oh, wow, talk about spooky. But the funny thing is, the first immediate thought I had was how pretty it is. Hope that makes sense. The blues with that silver or white. And the black really caught my eye. And, as usual, it’s very cool. Michelle t

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