Sweet Autumn card featuring ScanNCut 2


Who’s ready for fall? Me!! As you know (disclaimer) I do work with Brother, and they provided me with the amazing ScanNCut2 650w machine that you’re going to see here today in action for the very first time! Of course all the ideas and opinions here are always my own. Oh but who wants to hear me talk? You want to see this baby in action…

(link to YouTube)

I am so in love with the new designs, and if you’ve been hearing all the buzz about the new SNC then you want to stay tuned – TONS of videos coming! This is barely the beginning.

DSC_7226 copy

Just love how this card came out! Want more fall inspiration? You’ve got it! I’ve got two new project PDFs up on the ScanNCut website! If you go to the “video” section of their site you’ll also see videos for these projects and many more.


I made the so fun pillow (above) with basic shapes + some hand drawn elements turned rhinestone pattern! Not into stitching? Check it out anyhow – you can so make a pumpkin like that from paper! Also, I have a table runner that I accented with flowers, buttons, rhinestones, and more! Want to see that project tutorial? It’s on the site too! You can see all these projects plus those of my fellow SNC designers here.


Well as you can see – I’ve been a busy girl! I’ll be back to share more real soon. Looking to get a ScanNCut2 of your own? Contact a Brother dealer for the 650W model, or you can find the 350 model (affiliate link) at Amazon and other big retailers.

7 thoughts on “Sweet Autumn card featuring ScanNCut 2”

  1. Pretty card. So many fun things to do with the scan n cut. Hope you’re feeling better. Michelle t

  2. Hi may. i watched your periscope the other day with sandy. i’m guessing you have the 650. i’m hoping you can a) verify that the 350 will do the ‘recognize’ a stamped image and cut it out like you showed in your periscope and b) tell me what the “activation card required (sold separate)” for scanncut online means. i’d so appreciate any information! i wanna get what i “need” and i think i first need some more information that isn’t quite as clear as i’d like on the brother site. thank you ever so much. kim.

  3. Just wanted to stop back and say I caught up on your YouTube videos. I love the card you made with the Balzer designs stamps. Loved seeing the Prima art supplies in action, and that scan n cut sure is amazing. Awesome projects, thanks for sharing them. Michelle t

  4. This post: http://mayflaum.com/2015/09/16/snc-to-be-determined-save-date/ has information as well as a link to a comparison chart for all the information. To address your questions in particular, the 650 is able to scan 12×24 (vs 12×12) in other words it has a bigger memory capability. The scan function will work the same, as will the other features. It ABSOLUTELY is going to scan and cut stamped images!

    In fact, any tutorial I do with my 650 as far as ‘how-to’ applies to the 350 as well. The “extras” is much of what is offered from more pens and mats and a deep blade to including the wireless activation. If you purchase the 350 from a retailer NOT offering the activation card as an extra (no offers of this currently exist that I know of, but it was initially offered as a bonus on the TV debut) then you would need to purchase that to set it up. Note that it’s to wirelessly transfer data to/from your tablet or computer via the canvas software to the SNC2. This isn’t a “must” – you can still do this with a USB drive with canvas for free- it’s an added upgrade/feature.

  5. May, these are BEAUTIFUL, love, love them. I can’t thank you enough for showing us the scan n cut projects, it is so exciting, I finally got my new snc 2 delivered 2 days, I haven’t opened it yet but I am soo looking forward to getting started. Thanks again May, Keep the projects coming, Julie is moving now so you are the only person I know who is doing the videos, so they are truly appreciated.

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