ScanNCut Canvas: Converting an SVG file


Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Brother International Corporation and have received a ScanNCut from Brother to evaluate. However, the opinions expressed are entirely my own and based on my use of the product

Hey guys! So you know I do all kinds of things with my ScanNCut from using the built-in designs to doodling my own. One thing I have only done once or twice is to buy an .svg file and use that. Oh, but you can! So today I want to show you how quick and easy that is.

Brother has a (free) site known as ScanNCut Canvas where you can convert any .svg file to a file that can be read and cut by the ScanNCut machine. First you log in and this screen pops up:


For today, we’ll click the “new project” at the top left and then click “import SVG” I never have to remember which button because SVG is right there on the screen.

4 copy

Next up? Import whatever file it is you’re wanting to convert.


Bam! There is my design. It re-sized automatically it because the original file was bigger than 12″ – great!


This file by Ashley Horton is perfection as-is so I am ready to save no edits needed. I will leave it this big – I can always size it down when cutting on the machine! So to save just click that big download button. You don’t have to remember this part – it’s all listed right there which I LOVE because I am never good at remembering tech stuff. Basically you just “save target as” and make sure you’ve got a USB drive in the computer so you can then name and save the file.


Then just take your USB drive and you can insert that into your ScanNCut! I don’t have any other .svg to convert, but if I had a number of those I think I’d do some in batches and have them ready to cut on my USB drive. The process took less than 2 minutes – super easy and I am glad because I am easy or not at all on this kind of thing!

DSC_5258 copy

Here’s the card I made after cutting out the design (much smaller than saved version – about 4×6) watercolored and layered with a funky hi. So many possibilities… what shall I create  next?

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