Now filming: Scrapbook Soup!


I’m back from Ohio, where I spent far more time traveling then being there. (ha!) But for good reason! Above you see my “green room” table where I’m setting up my projects for filming.

Here’s the set…


It is *hot* on the set with all those lights! Oh and there is a ton to remember to do (and not do)… but it is really a lot of fun and the crew was FANTASTIC! I’ve got 5 segments coming this year on Scrapbook Soup – I will do a post + share the project each time a new episode is up online.

All of my projects feature the ScanNCut (seen on table above) – and I found so many ways of making this great machine work for my craft projects! I hope you love these episodes and projects as much as I do!


One of the best parts? I love working with Julie Fei-Fan Balzer! She’s one of my favorite people anyhow, and absolutely fantastic to work with too. Not to mention tremendously talented and inspiring! Always happy when I can spend time with her.


Oh, and yeah when waiting on stuff to be set and ready to film sometimes it gets real silly…


It was a great trip and experience – but I am definitely glad to be home in time for my birthday weekend!!

3 thoughts on “Now filming: Scrapbook Soup!”

  1. Cool! Can’t wait for the new episodes. Julie does seem real cool just from the show and her blog. Love your pink shirt, and you look terrific! Have a great weekend and happy birthday. Michelle t

  2. Hope you have a great birthday! Love your projects and your classes! I don’t always take the time to comment, but I am always impressed!

  3. Firstly Happy Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day!
    And second – can’t wait to see you and Julie together again!

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