Scrappy Saturday: the pink chair

Where is Ranger? He was boarded last weekend as I went to Ohio to film Scrapbook Soup. Being the new guy in the house well… he needs “boss lady” May around. Which left Miss Scrappy alone on a Saturday afternoon while I tried to photograph a bunch of projects in my favorite spot (new pink ottoman + mermaid color wall)…


I was in the middle of photographing things, turned to get another project, turned back and this is what I found. I couldn’t stop laughing. You see she *loves* this hot pink seat and was apparently done with me using it for my own needs.

Also, apparently she decided she would be the star of her own Scrappy Saturday post once again by being too cute to not photograph.


Just another day in the Flaum family…

13 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday: the pink chair”

  1. Oh, I can so relate! Bailey’s the same way. It’s so funny. She has to get right in the mix. Have a great weekend. Michelle t

  2. It makes my day when you include your dogs in your posts!
    Oh, and by the way, love your card!

  3. OMG…She’s posing for you. POSING!! What a Diva! I love that! 🙂

    And she’s also trying to steal the spotlight from the beautiful card. Love it, too!

  4. well, you really cant blame her, she is very photogenic. lol. it really looks like she is posing. very cute puppy. oh, and btw I love your card too. lol great spot to photo it.

  5. Miss scrappy is so totally awesome. I assume that she’s going to be the official mascot of Camp scrap 2015 (?) i’m so looking forward to it again this year.

  6. Do you think she knows she’s getting photographed?!? Love the card, too.

  7. Great card … and she makes such a good model/prop! She is looking at the card and being very careful not to bump it off!

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