So, you’ve got fifteen minutes…


A few things:

1. I have some lovely new supplies I really wanted to use

2. There were 16 minutes until I absolutely HAD to leave to get the kids

3. I really wanted to try and see what would happen if in this time crunch I also turned on the video camera

link to YouTube

Know what? This was fun. It got me using some brand new things, mixing it up, and getting loads of new ideas.

You’ll definitely be seeing more from me with this Archivist line as well as these stamps and watercolor pencils!
039 copy

5 thoughts on “So, you’ve got fifteen minutes…”

  1. Very cool! I love that Archivist collection too. The color of that mist, and the crackle paste, is amazing. Beautiful, May, I love everything you did. Michelle t

  2. Another fun video! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a little time. If i have to pick up the kids I set the timer so i don’t get lost in a project!

  3. That is so cool – it’s A4 size – what we use in Oz! I love that stamp – so versatile. Thanks for showing your process through this card. I really enjoy watching you play!

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