moon face (stencil + gel medium card #2)

Yesterday I shared this project (and video tutorial)


Well, today I’m sharing the opposite.

The what?
When I placed the used stencil down onto another paper I got the mirror image and I of course used it!
111 copy
I did a similar card design – and oh how I love the look of this! I love that the mist kind of spreads onto the clear paste area, that the color is scratchy… just love it.
No waste going on here- just lots of happy crafting, stencil use, and more projects to come! National Craft Month is just warming up…

3 thoughts on “moon face (stencil + gel medium card #2)”

  1. It’s beautiful. I see what you mean by the scratchy colors and it’s lovely, sort of an ethereal quality. I really have to remember to do this when I’ve used a stencil. Thanks, May, as always the inspiration flows when I come here. Michelle t

  2. I thought yesterday’s card was pretty magnificent and really enjoyed watching the video. Love how you’ve reused the image. Sometimes I remember to stamp my inky stencil and set it aside for some other project.

    love the new look of the blog, too!

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