Don’t blame the banana…

About four years ago I was sitting between two very fit and trim friends and I couldn’t have been more insecure.

“I’m fat because I can’t eat bananas!” I heard myself blurt out during a favorite healthy snack conversation. Both ladies smiled and were sympathetic but even as the words settled back into my brain I heard how idiotic I was. Defensive after a doctor’s visit where I was input as “obese” I was explaining to these women – fitness professionals actually – that I couldn’t be more trim because bananas made me gag and therefore weren’t edible to me.

It was one of my lamer moments, and one of my biggest realizations.

Every time I picked crackers or other useless carbs, every time I filled up on more cheese or had a sugary pure fruit smoothie I soothed myself by blaming a freaking banana.

The next day I put a ½ of a banana in my lunch smoothie and hated it. I repeated this every day until I didn’t mind. Eventually I worked my way up to microscopic bits of banana being in my cereal. After several months I was able to eat a small bite directly from the banana. Today I still dislike bananas, but I can, if necessary, eat one slowly.

These days I watch out for banana peels aka things I’m holding up as excuses. I hit one last fall in the form of telling myself it wasn’t my fault – I simply couldn’t draw anything good. I’ve been working on that a lot and today I painted a path + trees + lady that I did not hate.


note this is just a peek… the whole piece is for my Art in your Journal class currently happening at

Tiny, microscopic, little efforts every day add up my friends. And whether you’re trying to learn to be ok with the foul fruit that is banana and not gag (seriously. So foul.) or wanting to learn a new skill just make that one thing a priority, try a little each day, and don’t give up.

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  1. Oh you can draw. Really pretty. Your right. I do this too. And I’m really good at catching myself doing it, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t stopped doing it. Oh, and I actually have a banana story too. Michelle t

  2. So you can’t draw, says you. Look for the things you do so well, even excel in. Keep,these in you mind. Attitude of gratitude. We are all different, but part of the big picture. You are special, unique, one of a kind, a piece of a large mosaic, that all together make a masterpiece. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

  3. Thank you for sharing your struggles to encourage the rest of us. (Side note glad to hear I am not the only one that certain food just sets off my gag reflex; celery does that to me, every time I try to eat raw celery.)

  4. “Seriously. So Foul.” You made me laugh out loud. And my Mom LOVES bananas! If I bring her a banana, or even mention it, she lights up like a Christmas tree. 🙂

    Loving your art journal class, by the way. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  5. thank you for the kind words – my piece is meant to not at all be ungrateful. It’s the opposite actually – a reminder to not hold up excuses and instead try anything you want because you can’t possibly know what you’re capable of until you actually try…

  6. Gorgeous!
    A super gorgeous painting I think…
    I love bananas..I couldn’t live without every day at least one..sometimes maybe more..

    Actually bananas kept me going while I was pregnant..almost the only thing I could eat for a long time since I felt so sick all the time…and after I gave birth to my son… I found out that bananas are very good for the unborn child….

  7. Wonderful post, May. It has been my pleasure to watch you grow and improve your skills over the past few years. I started following you because I loved what I saw in your scrapping skills. Then I saw your talent take form when you stepped up your card creations, and I was blown away when you shared your art journal pages. Thank you for reminding me that it is about baby steps.

  8. Love that painting and thanks for sharing your story. I was reading as I ate my breakfast which was supposed to be banana and cottage cheese on toast. I cut up the first banana for my husband. They were getting a bit too ripe for me and the smell was too strong so I had to swap mine for berries. So funny to open this up and read it at this time.

  9. Thanks for sharing this May – a great reminder that every journey starts with a single step. Sometimes I focus so much on the mountain I have to climb, that I forget I only have to do what is in front of me today, and eventually I’ll have reached the top and be enjoying the view. Going to go away and have a think about what ‘bananas’ I have in my life today.

  10. You could start a banana blaming moment! I love how you are always so honest and open May. And I think your journaling page is beautiful – I therefore should try more things myself!

  11. May, I have to thank you for being able to share your personal life with us. I have found your insights to be very helpful to me. And, I love this little snippet of your painting.

  12. Hi, May!

    Awesome post! You nailed it! I love your work, and love how you are are just being you! Candid, vulnerable and very funny! 🙂 I totally enjoyed it! ♡

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