(random) four recommendations:

I’ve not done an entertainment recommendation post in such a long time! Reason? Nothing tickling my fancy! Seriously – so many things “eh, ok” hence the lack of posts. Oh, but wait! In the last few weeks I’ve had FOUR really good items cross my desk/TV and so I have to share.

1. Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews¬†is a new urban fantasy book/series from a favorite author. Action, hints of romance, and intriguing characters. Can’t wait for more!

2. Yes Please by Amy Poehler¬†confirms one big thing: Amy Poehler gets it. She’s got some super insightful thoughts and ideas I was nodding along with… it isn’t just silliness. I love this.

3. Saving Mr. Banks is a movie I keep meaning to see. Thing is I figured it would be a very emotional tale focused on the author (not about the movie or Disney so much) and yeah… it was. I loved it so very much and I’m glad I waited to see it.

4. Big Hero Six for another great message and emotional watch. Such a special story and great characters – I loved the focus on thoughtfulness and pretty much every single moment.

Who knows when I’ll have another good batch of things to recommend – but I’m always looking! So if you have suggestions or things to recommend I would love to hear about it.

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  1. I always love your book recommendations, so thanks for some more May. Haven’t seen Big Hero 6 yet but absolutely loved Saving Mr Banks – and it was so cool to learn that she was an Aussie (and wasn’t the young girl who played her as a girl a great actress?!)

  2. If you’re an urban fantasy fan – try The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher – first book is Stormfront. Amazing series.

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