Speaking of incredible…


While the blog has been up and running… I’ve actually not been here! Truth is the Flaum crew has been in Florida soaking up some serious Disney magic on a LONG (as in, 2 years) saved up for and planned vacation. The photo above are our magic bands (aka room key/charging/fast passes/whole 9 yards) and I can’t wait to share more details.

Just a *little* bit of planning went into this.


Yes there may have been a binder and menus printed and deep, deep, obsessive planning. Was it all worth it? I’ll let you know.

But first: sleep. laundry. checking up on email. more sleep.

10 thoughts on “Speaking of incredible…”

  1. Shut. Up! We’re heading down to Irvine for a softball tournament this weekend, and leaving tomorrow to try to squeeze in a Disneyland day. I’m afraid it’s going to be rather kamikaze style….

  2. Can I shout out now and say “I knew”! Ha ha. I really want to hear about your trip. How awesome are you, all that planning? Plus the projects that had to get done ahead of time… you rock. Michelle t

  3. I had quite the sneaking suspicion you were at WDW. For those of us who love The Mouse there is no better place. I am anxious to hear all of your reports because I can never get enough. I am starting to plan our next adventure, and since it has been a very long time since we have been, it will take much planning. I am certain we want to stay at Old Key West, but I do love Animal Kingdom Villas. Then we also plan our adventures around the many restaurant experiences at WDW. we feel the restaurants at WDW are not just a place to eat. They are a part of the whole Disney experience. So enough about me and my thoughts. I am anxiously awaiting your reports and reviews. You do know that Mickey Mouse is celebrating his 86th birthday today. Hooray for the Mouse!

  4. I’m impressed with all your planning. We’re headed to Florida, staying at Universal Studios for several days . . . but so far my only planning has been booking the room, buying tickets, and figuring out the route we’re going to drive there! We’re just going to wing it for everything else! :>)

  5. Oh I cannot wait to hear more!! We go in Feb 2015, and are taking the cruise too. It is our “No Family or Funerals” vacation. Been a rough five years and our nine year old deserves some fun in the sun when the snow is flying at home. Mom and Dad are pretty excited too!! I just finished getting our Magic Bands all ordered and ready. Again any pointers are so greatly appreciated.


  6. I totally made a spreadsheet for our first family trip to Disney and was obsessive/compulsive for the six months before. It was amazing!

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