Scrappy Saturday…


We signed up for Bark Box (not my idea, so I can’t take credit) and let me tell you I am 100% impressed with the quality as well as the value of this box ‘o puppy fun. This month’s nautical theme included a jaunty bandana and look at that tissue. Oh yes – they do a great job and I’m being introduced to great treat brands that she loves, I don’t have to shop for new toys or treats as often, and everyone wins.

It goes on my highly recommended list for dogs or dog lovers as a gift – and we all know Christmas is going to sneak right up on us. Anyhow – that’s this weekend’s edition of a puppy picture (Miss Scrappy! she’s doing great!) and a favorite as well.

12 thoughts on “Scrappy Saturday…”

  1. Oh what a cutie! Thanks for the bark box link. Going to check it out. I hope you’ll be getting your crafty time today. Enjoy. Michelle t

  2. Love following Miss Scrappy (along with you of course!) on your blog. She is delightful. x

  3. My Quincy has been getting the bark boxes for a few months now and he loves them. I can hardly get them in the house before he sits up and puts on his cutest face. They never disappoint.

  4. How in the world did you get her to still in that box, long enough to take her pic? Lol. She’s a GOOD Girl!! She deserves that awesome treat, doesn’t she? Sweet Baby 🙂 Her bandana is adorable.

  5. I’ve seen the Bark Box on TV ads….definitely going to check it out….She has deep, hypnotic eyes 🙂 Precious!

  6. She is just too cute! What a beautiful little dog!

    There’s a subscription box for kitties, too. Mine get the KitNip Box and I looooove the handmade toys they send. The felt catnip taco is a huge hit with my cats as well as my chihuahua, though I keep telling him he’s a little bit guilty of perpetuating cultural stereotypes by loving it so much. 😉

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