Hey Friday.

Three day weekend full of creating for my newest online class (yay! registration just opened!) coming right up. Going to make the most of this time without any martial arts classes or girl scouts or school drop offs.


This last week creativity went towards the Girl Scouts (I’m now a leader – fun stuff!!) as well as Queen Elsa (Rebecca)’s birthday party!


Good sparkly princess times over here I tell you. Now to get set for some serious pajama days, video filming, and project making! I hope you have a fabulous weekend as well…

8 thoughts on “Hey Friday.”

  1. Oh I have to check my emails! Can’t wait to see what the new class is. Your daughter makes a beautiful Queen Elsa. I hope to ‘re visit Camp Scrap and I have 1 more Distress video to see. Plus do last minute get ready for school stuff, my daughter starts Tuesday. The boys start next Friday. But definitely crafty time for me. Good luck with being the Girl Scout leader, you’re awesome. Enjoy your crafty/pajama weekend. Michelle t

  2. I just signed up and I can’t wait! I have done more during Camp Scrap than I did all summer. I need your motivation to get me jumpstarted for the fall.

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