Back from Cleveland, off to Columbus…


Well, not quite. But the last week since getting home from the trip that shall be named “the time May went to Columbus without eating a single meal there” seems like it was two days ago.

Why was I traveling there? To film Scrapbook Soup segments for PBS (so exciting!!) – and that was an absolute blast. But first… I had to get there. This included a very unwelcome, unexpected, downright miserable 8hr layover in Houston due to flight crews timing out and loads of flights being cancelled and rebooked.


me with the president, big cows everywhere, Cat Cora’s waffles (blah at best), and endless rows of cots for anyone to sleep on… the germ factor there… don’t even get me started.

Also please don’t get me started on the fact that this was my one and only chance to hit Michael Symon’s restaurants in Cleveland since I really don’t foresee immediate vacations there. And the fact that I had to call from Houston and cancel my reservation while being forced to eat turkey bacon (this should NOT BE A REAL THING!) and waffles without syrup.

But it’s ok. The loss of an entire day, culinary dreams, and planned working hours at the hotel didn’t matter. I just had to get there, get sleep, and be ready to film the next day.


The next morning after a 12hr crash I was up and ready to get to work! Above you can see one of my trays from filming. This was my view most of the day – just watching filming and awaiting my turns on the set…


Really an interesting process to experience and I really didn’t have the chance to get nervous! Basically? I just told myself “so… you’re going to chat with your friend Julie about fun inky things…” and didn’t look up or pay attention to the 29430 other people in the room, camera equipment, or anything else.


I hope the segments turned out good! Once done it was time to fly on back home… you guessed it without any noteworthy dining. Which if you’ve ever traveled with me is noteworthy in and of itself!

These episodes will start airing later this summer, and I’ll be sure to post about them when available!

For now, it’s off to Girl Scout activities galore and a long weekend with the family.


Then time to go fly back over the USA back to Ohio for Simon Says Create! I’ll be blogging and reporting on that for sure…

6 thoughts on “Back from Cleveland, off to Columbus…”

  1. What a bummer to have such a long layover and no good meals!! I had to laugh because the last trip we took was four days of practically non-stop eating – we even had plans for TWO dinners one night (seriously who needs a Red Robin burger after a five-course Italian meal!). :>)

  2. Oh wow, what a bunch of bad luck. I’m looking forward to the episode and also your posts about Simon Says stamp create. Have a great weekend with the kids. I’m loving the class, May, thanks. Michelle t

  3. You look AMAZING … so pretty for such a long trek. Can’t wait to see the episode and glad you will post when it’s available … enjoy the family time!

  4. You missed out on a great restaurant (I’m assuming you were going to Lola’s)… It is delish! His burger joint The B spot is also good but Lola’s YUMMMMM….. Let’s hope you have better luck in Columbus… I’m not sure what is good to eat in the area we are going but I’ll have to check it out. I always like to check out new fish tacos when I travel…. Guess I need to boot up Google…

  5. Great photos May. You and Julie look gorgeous! CAn’t wait to see the episodes. Do you know if they’ll be online?
    Sounds like a disastrous trip though … and those stretcher beds?!? Why?!?

  6. Your aerial shots are stupendous! Hate to sound ignorant but is that the Grand Canyon? And I think I recognize Tahoe. Great shots. I usually wind up next to a pitted scratched window. Can’t wait to see your programs.

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