A masterpiece of a book.

I don’t talk about books often – creative or otherwise. My main reason? If I talk about them I adore them… and that just isn’t common. Today I’m excited to talk about a book that kept me entertained, has me inspired, and that I wholeheartedly recommend.


Everyday is a Holiday is a blog I only discovered at CHA this year, as Jenny and Aaron were at the show debuting their new amazing line with Melissa Frances (more on that later). This dynamic duo has an approach to mixed media that is encouraging, inspiring, and makes everything seem like you can just jump right in and do it today. The approachability of their methods and style, not to mention the outstanding quality of this book has me singing their praises. Truly – I’ve not been this inspired by a creative book in quite a while.

What is it that is so great about this book? For me there are three things:

  1. Step-by-step photos and instructions
  2. A wide range of projects from décor to art journaling
  3. The “come hang out and make stuff” feel of this book is welcoming and made me feel I could do anything!

I didn’t even mention how adorable the book itself is – so much attention to detail and so lovingly crafted. It makes my creative heart happy!


Just mix up some caulk and paint to frost a “cake”. The simple brilliance throughout this book, the basic tools needed and the conversational warmness of this book has had me read it cover to cover. Twice.

Have I made anything? Well not yet but if you saw my calendar for the month of May you’d understand why!! All things in my current online classes and here on my blog so far this month have been pre-scheduled projects done long ago.

Will I make anything from this book?

Oh yes. In fact, both of my daughters also took turns with this and each came back explaining how there were things they felt like we ought to make and asking when could we get started.


I think I’d like to start by making a house like this – but honestly I want to make most everything from the book. I have already scheduled some “just because” creative time in a few weeks and I will be sure to share what I create then.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see some inspiration as well as specific project how-to for adorable décor, canvas, and other mixed media projects. As someone with a ‘no rules’ kind of approach I am delighted to find that Jenny and Aaron are my kind of people – utterly welcoming and encouraging through their book as well as their blog. I can’t tell you how much I smiled as I read and discovered that they were simply inviting me, the reader, in to create. No stress, no hard and fast rules… just lots of techniques, ideas, and opportunities for creative fun.

Where can you get it? It’s available all over the place including Amazon.com. Now my little disclosure – Jenny & Aaron sent me a copy of this book to check out and write about if I was so inspired. I think it goes without saying… they inspired me!

Side note about the Sweet Life!


Their paper collaboration with Melissa Frances is out in stores and it is every bit as fabulous as I could have hoped.  In fact I purchased a couple of pieces as well and I’m anxious to start playing and sharing. But first – I just need to survive some travel, end of school year madness, field trips, and other assorted life things. Don’t worry about me though- I’ve got some BIG creative blocks of time coming my way in June. I can’t wait for summer…

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  1. Thanks for sharing about the book. Looks terrific. Boy I sure get what you mean about the end of school year madness. I’m not working or traveling I don’t have that on my plate so I can’t imagine. But I can’t wait for summer. Michelle t

  2. Okay, you convinced me. I’m ordering two copies … one for me, one for a friend with a birthday coming up. It looks like so much fun!

  3. Sounds like an awesome book, May. I’m going to check out their blog, and the book’s going on my Amazon.com wish list! (My birthday’s right around the corner, and my sweetie’s asking what I want!) Thanks for sharing!

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