Episode 2: OA paper pad


Last week I had product fail – and THAT IS OK!! The whole point of my “May vs Stash” series is to see what I come up with (that is authentic to my own crafting) on the spot with something I’ve never used. This week’s episode is now up on You Tube.

The subject? October Afternoon 6×8 paper packs! I’m happy to say that I did well with this one (phew!) using three different papers onto a traditional scrapbook layout.


You may notice my journaling is pretty minimal here. The thing of it is – sometimes the photo is the story and you just need a few words. I’m ok with this – I embrace it all. I’m also very happy to see these papers get out and get used!

The paper set I used is first – and I’ve included the others I could find as well in this list:

by popular request, info on my photo storage box: I believe I just purchased mine at a local craft or fabric store at random months if not years ago. However – I think this is the exact one that I have. 

8 thoughts on “Episode 2: OA paper pad”

  1. May, I have really enjoyed your posts about using your stash! It’s motivated me to do the same with some older product! Thank you!

  2. Fun reading about the ways you use your stash! Would you be able to post a link to your photo box used in this video? Thanks!

  3. Really enjoying what you are doing with those impulse buys (yep the ones we thought were such a great idea at the time!). You are inspiring me to dig out some from my own overflowing stash.

  4. Love your series. This video was awesome. Im so interested in seeing how others work and their process. Thank you for that. Michelle t

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