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Finally got time to edit these photos – excited to share the “how-to” and full look at Miss E’s Frozen inspired birthday party! First of all, I was (PHEW!) able to find a few Frozen movie details that really helped bring it all together. The Olaf balloon (pictured above)? a HUGE hit.

So first I took her feedback: she wanted the “food” area to be Elsa’s (all blue/snowy) and the “art” area to be Anna (pink/green/flowers). Ok. I could do that! To start off with I thought about the movie, the feel I wanted and looked around to see what I had.

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I used my Scan N Cut machine to make snowflakes, flowers, and other shapes. I also loaded up on crepe paper that I strung all over the place for mood.

Below you can see the flowers I had all over (down by floor).

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I got the birthday girl a very special necklace (from this Etsy seller – amazing!) , and I let her buy a new party dress too so that she’d feel extra special on her big day.

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Then I hit the fabric store and looked for clearance bargains. I found some amazing tulle and other special fabric for about $10 total (and man – I got like 10 yards total!) and the fabric is not only reusable but also added SO much to my décor!

With a strong base, I just started keeping my eyes open for Frozen randomness to add and fill in here and there. One of my biggest hits of the party? I took two copies of the little golden story book and pasted the pages across some boards to create the backdrop of the dessert table.

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The girls LOVED this soooo much! They read the story and the artwork added so much. Now before you get worked up that I cut these books apart – it’s minimal adhesive and I will be able to put them back together after.

Speaking of dessert…

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I baked a cake, then “punched” these cups into the cake to create cake cups. Like cutting biscuits – and so cute. Top it off with frosting and teeny marshmallows and there we go. I also had some pretzel sticks, extra marshmallows, and Jell-O (in plastic cups) as well. The cupcake toppers are rings – and the girls each got to take one home.

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I tried to use glass or clear/fancy looking party plastic stuff for its ice-like look.

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The big hit? Marshmallows. The girls LOVED them!

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The key was really just looking around for what I had that could accent and add to the look in general. Iridescent streamers and gems and sparkly things in the colors we were going for.

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Elizabeth punched a bunch of flowers and taped them to curling ribbon strips to make our own dangling streamers too!

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For the art table I found a frozen coloring book and pulled out all the pages. We put doilies, punched flowers, a set of toys, and also some jewels to make necklaces for art fun.

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As you can see – it turned out really fun and everyone had a great time.

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Here is the spot where we put gifts and such. Details and a lot of teamwork with the girls – we had a blast putting this together.

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The one big “themed” thing we found was this random Frozen banner. Thing is – it looked AWFUL by itself – so random! So… some of that tulle, sparkly streamer, and better framing and it really worked to greet the guests!

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So that is pretty much it! Hope you liked the look at how we did our party. Color + general “feel” really is the key. and with some extra time and effort you can do it inexpensively too!

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  1. Wow, May. How AWEsome! You’re such a cool Mom to put that party together. Looking at the pictures made me want to be a guest…or throw a Frozen party myself! Nifty. Thanks for sharing that. So inspiring.

  2. Oh you made such beautiful decorations and favors for the party. The pics are so nice and everything looks wonderful. You are so very talented. Michelle t

  3. you create such lovely memories for your girls!! bravo!! and they will always remember these fabulous parties through your scrapbook pages. simply wonderful.

  4. This party looks like it was so fantastic! Happy birthday, Miss E! I loved all your ideas. I’m planning a bridal shower right now, and your ideas for using fabric and those awesome cake cups are setting off fireworks in my brain! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  5. oh, and if you wouldn’t mind, could you give a few more details about how you “punched” the cake? Did you frost it after it was in the cups? How did you get the marshmallows at the bottom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the clear–>ice idea!

  6. punch is just like it sounds – take the cup, put it down like a cookie cutter and you’ve got cake. To get anything on the bottom you’d just need to have that on the top of the cake first – as that would obviously become the bottom of the cup.

    yes to frosting after in the cup. SO easy – not sure what else to say so let me know if you have more q’s.

  7. This is so cool! (Pun intended!) You’ve not only created a birthday paradise, but it appears that you also made a girls dream-come-true! So awesome!

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