PCRT episode #197

I am amazed that:

a) there are 197 episodes now of the paperclipping roundtable

b) they keep inviting me back!

haha! I guess they like my brand of crafty crazy! If you want to hear me chat it up about keeping scrapbooking fun then you can listen here!

HEADS UP! That page? it also has an exclusive PCRT discount code for an online class from me…

The episode was a fun one – you know me I am all about keeping it fun. Is there a part you don’t like? LET IT GO! (just like the song says…)


4 thoughts on “PCRT episode #197”

  1. I love it when you are on the PRT! It’s always a good conversation…will be listening tomorrow!

  2. Hey May, I think the link the PCRT site have given for your blog is not working? I was going to check out your other classes. Could you look into it for me?


  3. Just finished listening to the show. I enjoy the roundtable very much. I liked your message about letting things go. It used to take me forever start to finish with a layout because I’m color challenged. It still takes a while but I’m letting go. And big success today! I added stitching to a page for the first time! Self taught with the sew easy paper piercer. I couldn’t sew and don’t have a machine but I added stitching to a page. Oh anyway sorry to go on but it was a great episode. Thanks for the advice. It’s good to let go. Michelle t

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