Love note to myself. (an art journal of postive writing)

This is a project I’ve been keeping private because honestly? It’s nobody’s business but my own.


Then this week’s challenge came along, and I kept thinking about my project and how maybe I should share.

So here’s the deal. I have a small art journal and whenever I think of it, I write a whole page worth of nice things. About myself.


SHOCKING concept, I know.

But I’m raw, honest, and whether it is about a specific situation or more in general – I write as candidly as I can. It can be something hard, something sad – but I don’t write here to vent bad feelings. I write to uplift and inspire myself. Encourage and pat myself on the back.

Then I cover it with gesso.

And do some art.


This has been SO therapeutic. So freeing. So artistically wonderful!

What I love is that I truly do write my most private thoughts because they get COVERED. They’re out there, but I never have to worry about someone judging me or finding my inner most thoughts and hopes because there is art over them. Oh, but they’re there. Sometimes I can see small glimpses and I like that too.


I have found that I like to put quotes, mantras, and otherwise positive and uplifting words to finish my art. This week- I found it utterly hilarious that there is no “try” in Tim Holtz chit chat stickers – which made my use of the quote (yoda- a personal favorite and mantra!) all the better. To make “Try” I took a word that started with TR, and another that ends in Y and spliced them together.


The page itself? Done with gesso, gelatos, and just layering color. In the photo I don’t think you can tell (or maybe you can) but it’s a lady walking away (head + shoulder visible). Well, she’s not walking away – she’s heading into her bright future.

Supplies Used:

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24 thoughts on “Love note to myself. (an art journal of postive writing)”

  1. Thanks for showing your personal journal. It’s beautiful. I understand the need to keep it private and to have a place to record the private deep parts of ourselves. I really like what you made on the cover. So pretty. Michelle t

  2. This is such a lovely idea. What a wonderful way to express yourself and then cover the thoughts up with another way to express yourself. Beautiful idea and journal page!

  3. A truly wonderful idea and concept. This is such a gorgeous piece of art, May and something that you can treasure for so many years to come. It’s wonderful…

  4. This is a terrific idea! I have always rejected the journal-writing idea because I often find looking back at my own words cringe-worthy, let alone the idea of putting them out there where someone else might see. Covering it all up later with something beautiful is a grand way to express, get it out there, and then dial it back to something comfortable. I love this!

  5. What a fabulous idea May! Good way to deal with issues also!
    Am going to share your idea with some others who I think would benefit!

  6. O.M.G. … I stumbled across Julie FeiFan Balzer in November and am completely hooked on art journalling … love her and I even listened to an interview you did with her last year. Anyway I complete agree on the emotionality of it all … oh I hope you do more posts on your journal, you are so creative and this page is just lovely … I do the quote thing too … it is incedibly empowering and touches my soul. My son thinks I’ve gone all “indie” with my art work … funny! Anyway, thanks for sharing … this is awesome.

  7. This is absolutely AWESOME. Every bit of it. From the fact that you write not the bad but the good, that you cover the words to the beautiful end of the project to the fact that you write good things about yourself!!! I write to vent or to profess gratitude and occasionally to express joy or elation. But not to inspire myself or speak well of myself. And let’s face it– we all need to be doing more of that. Thanks for the fantastic idea of how to do it in a way that would make most of us really happy!!!

  8. This is an inspiring post, May. I love the textures and layers, but more importantly, I love the layers that I CAN’T see. It’s all beautiful.

  9. Really cool, May. If it feels right, why don’t do it? I’ve done it too a while back when something was holding me back. It felt really good! Love the page it became! Hugs, Sandra

  10. I love this idea of writing it down & then covering it up…and in such a beautiful way too. I’m a fairly private person so this is something that would work for me.

  11. I feel the exact same way about my art journal and use it the same way that you did here. Its beautiful and it excites me that someone else used their art journal the same way I use mine. Talented as always May!

  12. Beautiful,brilliant,and very moving-this might be the kind of journaling I can do. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  13. I love this project May! I’m so glad you shared… I’m sure it will be an inspiration to many. We so often neglect to focus on the positive for ourselves!

  14. This approach to the art journal is fantastic and I fully agree! I do not like to expose my feelings to others and keep them private, but this way you can express yourself without sharing the words but only the art that comes out! Wonderful! BArbarayaya

  15. Hi May,


    Sigh sigh SIGH, you are taunting me. I keep TELLING myself to get back at my journal, and seeing yours I am soooo going to have to do this. I love what you have done, its simply lovely.


  16. So love the idea of the hidden journalling – I struggle with that element of art journalling, but the notion that it can remain private to me and the art can travel into the world – brilliant. Oh , and the page is beautiful too, of course!
    Alison x

  17. May … what a great journal page. The sentiment is so incredibly amazing and I absolutely loved how you came up with the word ‘try” from the Yoda quote. Seriously funny that there is no “try” in Tim’s stickers 🙂 Love the idea of the woman walking into a bright new future! Gorgeous. Thanks for all you do May. — Mary Elizabeth

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