2 – 02

It’s a good day.

For groundhogs checking for shadows.

For a superbowl (even though the wrong team – I’m lookin’ at you Seahawks – is playing)

For an anniversary.

12 years ago we got married and flew off to Disney World. What a great trip – we had soooo much fun! (well, except for the Epcot ‘before the park opens’¬†photographer session I booked… let me be honest here that SUCKED! It was raining. The photographer was cheesy. We didn’t have fun)

And yet… because of that cheesy photo session I have twenty four prints from our vacation of the two of us… so yeah it was worth it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about some stories I have that I want to tell, about details I want documented. I’m¬†working on some new blog series and things too. I’ve also got a creative health update… but it’s an emotional one to write and I’ve just not been up to the task.

Not to mention my epic video battles (that apparently aren’t my fault at all- doh!) with getting content on-line. Anyhow!! Good things ahead, and some great memories behind me I head into February with a lot of really exciting stuff on my plate. I’m not quite sure how it’ll all fit into this twenty eight day month, but it’s going to be a fun ride.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new project to share…

12 thoughts on “2 – 02”

  1. Congratulations! Great photo of the two of you despite the weather. You have shared so many sunny photos with your girls over the years to make up for it. Hope your physical health is back to 100%. Thank you so much for all you share, your inspiration and talent. Take care.

  2. Great photo and sure you have lots of fun memories. Rain is a downer but it dries fast. I like this photo background great look.
    Have a great Sunday and GO HAWKS,, Billie from Washington State- Seahawks country..

  3. Congrats on the anniversary. We are season ticket holders for the 49ers, and are disappointed they are not in the Super Bowl again this year. Thanks for producing a great blog


  4. Even so, good weather or bad, you have a happy picture! My team (i’m an old New England girl) isn’t there so go Manning! LOL!

  5. Happy anniversary! I wish you both many many more happy ones.
    My team’s not playing, either but I’m making chicken wings and hot dogs and planning to enjoy the evening since I have no skin in the game.

  6. Went to Disney world too for my honeymoon. Few years before you. Love it there. Michelle t

  7. I think the picture is wonderful-you both look so happy.
    I have been terrible about leaving comments-but I read every post. Just last week I thought to myself-I love May’s layouts-her girls are so cute, but I don’t think I have ever seen one about just her-her girls will want to know her story. Weird eh?

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