excuse the quiet…

It’s the final days/hours of summer vacation.

The baby that took her sweet time (16 extra days past due date, ahem!!) exiting my body is now six.

I’m coaching said baby’s soccer team.

We’re starting girl scouts and I’ll be working on art for our troop.

I’m gearing up for STAMPtember with Simon Says Stamp, and loads of fun at the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge blog.

If I’d been a smart girl I would have loaded up on blog posts pre-scheduling them for this week… but instead I played hooky with that time and read a book in a single sitting as I usually only dream of doing. Know what? totally worth it.

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But not to worry – I’m working up some tutorials, reviews, and more right this minute as well as some guest posts. I’ll be back soon with crafty goodness.

THANK YOU for reading my blog, following my random adventures and enjoying some happy craft time with me.

9 thoughts on “excuse the quiet…”

  1. oh wow, I’m looking forward to Stamptember! First I have to finish the 130 wedding invitations for my daughter… who was 16 days late in arriving too! Due April 30, born May 16th!

    Summer is going by way too fast, but I love all the stuff you do with your girls! The time goes by way too fast, before you know it they are 29 and you’re planning a wedding 😉

  2. Happy Birthday to the “late baby”. But totally worth the wait, I’m sure. I know my 10 day wait baby was worth it! Can’t wait to hear more about your “mini classes” I heard you speak about on PRT! And Good luck coaching!

  3. you so deserve a day (or more) to just sit and read!! you are a busy, busy lady. enjoy these days with your kids. thank you for being so generous with your blog!!

  4. Glad you are taking some “ME” time…..it gives you renewed energy. Thank you for all you do on your blog….it is certainly appreciated!

  5. Ditto what everyone else said…take the time to re-energize and enjoy the minutes with your girls! I am always inspired and get ideas from your blog and even the little smidge of a picture today was no exception. Looking forward to fun stuff in September and Happy Crafting to you, too!

  6. May, my “baby” girl will be going away to college two weeks from today. It seems like just yesterday that she was your baby’s age. Enjoy them while they are at home! In a heartbeat they are young women, which is awesome in it’s own way!

    Thank you for posting so regularly. I read (and enjoy) your blog every day!

  7. There is a wonderful sense of well being after reading a book cover to cover in one sitting! I so enjoy your blog and creative genius. Thanks for the wonderful fun of learning from you. Enjoy the last of summer!

  8. Enjoy your time with the baby and a big congrats!!!!! A whole book in one sitting is just awesome!

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