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This was our favorite part of the Renegade Craft Fair that we attended in San Francisco. These photos still make me laugh – and it was awesome that provided it FREE. Other aspects of that craft fair that we enjoyed were the artisanal food vendors, and there were a handful of booths we really thought were cool too and purchased little things from. But honestly? I was pretty disappointed overall as far as vendor variety. While I could (and did) appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship of most of the products there at the show, 99% of it wasn’t stuff I was going to ever even consider buying.

Of course I walked in anticipating that it would be like browsing etsy – so my expectations were super high. No matter – we had a fun day and of course had all kinds of good times before and after our brief visit to the show.

Anyhow!! When I walked out I thought “I’m going to blog about this, and I’m going to share some of my FAVORITE very small business artisans that I love to support online…” So here you go. Note that the banners/images will take you right to their shops if you click them.


She’s an amazing artist and what I love besides the amazing artistry, is that she makes stuff in jewelry and print form in a variety of sizes. Great for any budget – and she sells original art too. Her Christmas ornaments are off the hook!


I want to paint like her when I grow up! Seriously – amazing florals and inspiring prints. Love.


Sooo lovely! Sequins and tags and bits & pieces oh my! Supplies for the paper crafter and more.


I didn’t want to list this one… because odds are if you’ve seen me wearing a necklace that was AMAZING and made from re-purposed vintage bits… odds are she made it. And honestly I don’t want competition for her stuff!! heh.


Another jewelry shop I’m hesitant to share is this one. I know I purchased something from her once upon a time – and I’m trying NOT to hit purchase on several things currently in her beautiful shop.


A long time favorite here – her work with color as well as the great sayings always makes me want all of the ladybird designs.


and that’s it for today! I hope to find & share more etsy and other small shop artisans to feature in the future. Do you have favorite crafty sellers? I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment with links and share the love!

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