Countdown to Camp Scrap: Just 4 weeks to go!

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It is Thursday – and that means it is Camp Scrap countdown day!!

Today I’m sharing a peek at the last project I made for Camp Scrap. In fact, this project got finished, photos uploaded, and the final videos and handouts turned in just yesterday!!!


This project was a scary one because I’d never quite tried anything like it on a layout *and* I was recording my results as I made the page (for class) on video so I felt like y’all were watching me which added to the creative nervousness. But the thing is? You can’t find awesome new things without stretching and trying. Also: take the fear out! In this case, I made sure to use a photo I could always re-print if needed and I reminded myself “it’s just paper…”  Luckily it turned out EXACTLY as I had hoped in my mind, and I’m excited that it will be part of the final mini-class on mixing up your mediums.

I’ve been working on Camp Scrap for about three months now. Yes guys, I worked for three months on a four week class.  It takes a lot of time and thinking and sorting, then a lot of trying stuff and scrapping what doesn’t quite work and developing what does work, and creating and typing. LOTS of typing.  54 NEW projects just for Camp, 20+ videos, and a lot of typing later… it’s all ready for you. I am really excited about this class – and I hope you will be too!!

It is truly a labor of love, and I enjoy every minute of the process. Now that I’ve turned everything in to the BPC team, I can hardly wait for day 1 of class!!

As I continue the countdown to Camp Scrap I will now be sharing some tutorials and projects inspired by Camp Scrap, as well as a few more sneaky peeks too. If you’re in the mood for some crafty fun, I invite you to check out Camp Scrap! The class info can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Countdown to Camp Scrap: Just 4 weeks to go!”

  1. May:

    I am so excited about this class. I have been following your blog for a while now along with countless other people and by far you are my favorite crafter! I love that you try all kinds of things which is exactly how I think. I am so looking forward to having a craft retreat with you!

    So sad I missed the Field Guide with all the techniques. Will you ever sell that as an ebook or is it gone forever?


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