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I’ve talked a lot about multi-purpose storage. Finding things that work in multiple ways and can be used in different ways as your crafting habits change. Well today I have to share something I found out by accident – I was rearranging some things and noting I wasn’t happy with my tape storage and…

Well, I’ll be darned. My thread holder (which was only 1/4 full anyhow) is PERFECT. I moved some stuff around – reorganization really IS like a jigsaw puzzle in here – and it’s in a spot that lets it be seen easily, but isn’t right on top of my work space so it’s not taking up valuable room there.

My tip is this: you need a large spool organizer. Take in your largest tape with you, make sure it fits and room will still be around it. You’ve got to have enough space. This is important. I have a little thread spool organizer – it does NOT work. This one – each dowel is about 3″ high.

Could you make your own? Oh yes, absolutely. Do you want to? I guess that depends. The local sewing store – or a spot like Joann Fabric – has them inexpensive and for me – it was on sale for less than $10.

I have shared a lot of my cleaning, my general thoughts, and now you’ll be finding (sometimes) more specific clean studio posts. Now I’m getting down and into more finessing of this space. More fine tuning.

If you have a great way that you like to store your tapes – I’d love to hear it!


Note: I just saw that Studio Calico has a new class up – and it is all about washi tapes! I’m sure the ideas used will cover any/all washi, tissue, or paper tapes you’ve got.

 Looks interesting – you can check it out here.

7 thoughts on “Operation clean studio | tapes”

  1. Fabulous idea for the tapes….heading to JoAnns later today! My tapes are having babies in various boxes according to use (i.e. Xmas, 7 gypsies) but like your idea where the tapes are out to see and not forget! Thanks!

  2. I have tape envy! The thing we love about tapes is their colours, so makes perfect sense to have them on view- especially when you have that many 🙂

  3. I keep mine with my ribbon on a dowel rod that’s mounted underneath a shelf holding my stamps right above my workspace. But, I am running out of space, so I may need another one…

  4. Awesome and I have an official case of ‘tape envy’ looking at all that tape deliciousness at your finger tips!! What fun … can’t wait to see the finished workroom, love so many of your organizing tips!
    YOu GO, girl!

  5. This is one of the best new creative storage ideas I’ve seen in a long time! Brilliant! I too have a considerable tape collection. Within minutes of reading this I was off to Joann’s. 🙂 The bonus was that they were on sale and I was able to use my coupon for something else. That never happens to me. I only recently discovered your blog and so happy I did. Beautiful creations!

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