Field Guide is BACK!

January 31st my epic 12 week scrapbooking course “Field Guide” is back!

In the pre classroom (aka RIGHT NOW) there are 26 “A-Z” videos (screen shot of part of that page below), a handout, and a bonus video as well. Yes, just upon signing up 26 videos become available. This class has a tremendous amount of content! The videos up right now are very specific and I explain more in the class about my goal with those – you don’t have to watch them all or in any order. Many of them support the focus of some of the weeks – so that for example if you’re very new to stamping you might want to watch those videos on our stamping week. Anyhow! Here’s a peek…


It is indeed a re-run (which means it is the SAME CLASS I taught last year), but I’m also adding in some bonus videos + PDF files to highlight more ideas, techniques, and projects, and I’ve also re-done the Monday emails as well. So basically – this is Field Guide with bonuses! Of course we’ll also have chats, the message board, and gallery so this can be a very interactive experience.

You do NOT need to buy any specific products to participate and this is a GREAT class for making substitutions and using your own stash! If you have any questions for me about this class please feel free to ask in the comments below. Likewise if you were in the class the first time around I’d love to hear about your favorite part(s)!!

Also – know that there is no time limit. Once you sign up, you’ll have forever access to the classroom and all the content. No worries about being kicked out or class ending and things disappearing.

I’m ready to rock out some 2013 crafting – how about you?

To find out more about Field Guide or to register visit theĀ  Big Picture pageĀ here!

4 thoughts on “Field Guide is BACK!”

  1. For anyone who didn’t do Field Guide last year …. run – don’t walk – over to BPC and sign up! The class lasts for 12 whole weeks of fun stuff with May (and no she’s not paying me!). I just loved the class so much and got so much scrapping done last year!

  2. Wow! Wish I could afford it but alas even with the sale price it is not in my budget. Looks like a lot of fun and a lot of new techniques to learn. Oh well at least I can come here and be inspired as well as learn new things from you. Yes, you rock girl and your crafting definitely rocks. I’m glad I found your blog.

    I’m definitely ready to rock out some 2013 crafting. LOL! Just was playing around with heat embossing on a dry embossed panel today so starting the year out right.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  3. This is one truly amazing class. If you are curious about techniques, if you drool over technique filled layouts, or if you just want to experience the fun of May’s class then you must get yourself over to BPC and register for this class. Alas and a lac, I missed the cut off date for the alumni discount, but I am still considering doing this class again. There is so much to learn, and since I cannot possibly have another overly busy year like last, it is my year for me.

  4. Signed up and ready to go! This was an amazing class! So wonderful, I signed up to take the class again! Come join us!

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