Creative Process [video 2 of 2]

As I edited this video I realized that I didn’t explain my embellishment choices much. I was more focused on finding the right things than explaining my reasons – and that is ok. Why? because my next creative process post will be about the reasoning behind embellishments, and why they always come last.

Part 2 [of 2] layout video:


Finished layout:

Supplies used:

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7 thoughts on “Creative Process [video 2 of 2]”

  1. These two videos are wonderful and inspiring. I loved that you create a place for your journaling when you are laying out your photos. That seems to be one of my problems, and then I end up with hidden journaling. I noticed that you too may have an embellishment or journaling spot that you love, but have to let it go because it just will not work with the lo. What I loved the most was seeing how you choose to do the extras like the tape or a strip of paper and other embellishments.It was so cool when you were distressing and the dust was falling. I thought for sure it was pixie dust the way it sparkled, and I thought it had to be your secret for your amazing layouts. You have the added magic of pixie dust! lol.

  2. It was so fun watching you concept and create this layout from start to finish. I was amused by your comment that the missing apostrophe would have bugged you. I was silently scanning the letter sheet for one and wondering if you would write one in. 😉

  3. May — I love your videos. They’re so “real”. I often purchase DVD’s of scrapbook designers and they are obviously professionally produced — and don’t get me wrong, I love them too — but yours really ring true. Some of the DVD’s show designers’ work areas that are so “clean” you could perform surgery on their craft tables! Your table looks like mine — disorganized and well used. And that’s how your videos come across. Unpretentious and “just like the rest of us.” Thanks for posting them. You convey great lessons in design while obviously working on your layouts just like the rest of us. Please keep them coming!

  4. Great videos May! Thanks for taking us through your real creative process. It gives me the UMPH I need to just go with my gut and don’t fuss about it.

  5. Fascinating! Definitely do more of these, as I loved the peek into how you create. It’s funny- during the first video, I thought to myself that we actually have a very similar process (despite having radically different styles), but during this video I realized that this is the stage where our process (and results) diverge so dramatically. So interesting!

  6. This is fantastic May – thanks so much for taking the time to do these videos. And I love that you added the apostrophe!! I also really like how you talked through your embellishment choices

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