Creative Process post #2:

This is a “part 1 of 2”, and shown much better in video than typing. The focus is really much of what I was speaking about in my first post, but in practical application. I got new photos in the mail, opened envelope, turned on camera.

I made it all up as I taped – so there may be gaps or awkward moments… because I did it single take too. I wanted it as real to my process as possible.


If you have questions, specific parts of my process you’d like to see more of in future, etc. – please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. All postsĀ about creative process can be found here:

I’ll be back very soon to post part 2, as well as full supply list, etc…

11 thoughts on “Creative Process post #2:”

  1. Hi May,
    Im not getting any video images but im getting sound. i dont have probs on any other sites yet, ill try again later

  2. Fascinating! At first, I was thinking your process is very different than mine, but then I realized that at the core, we do things very similarly (choose inspirational stories, arrange photos based on needed space to tell the story, select pp, etc). One major difference is that I never ink, distress or adhere until I have laid out the entire thing. Only when it is just the way I want it do I start picking up pieces and adhering.

    Looking forward to part 2!

  3. You could try clicking on it and viewing on youtube vs my blog… Not sure what else to tell you it’s on and I’ve seen it so it is there. Hmmm.

  4. Thanks May,
    At first it wouldnt take me to you tube either but after 5 odd goes it went off to you tube & i was able to happily watch you start a really stunning LO. Cant wait for no 2
    Thanks heaps

  5. So interesting to see how others work their way through this process. Appreciate your taking the time to do this May!

  6. May, I love these videos. It is great to see your thought process. One of my problems when I see other people’s blogs, especially blogs from professionals, is that the finished piece looks so polished/well put togther. Many times the bloggers will write something like “you just pick a piece of paper, or you just do this that or the other. The implication being “it’s so easy, you just…” This makes me feel uber-slow because I never” just…” It takes me a while to think of a page.

    Your video shows that in a way it is “you just…” but not at all as easy-breezy as I envisioned. Thank you for helping me feel “normal” and for showing that creating is not a “you just…” that even professionals take time to think and select. It is not automatic. Thanks again for these posts. Inspiring and funny!

  7. I am loving your videos. Thank you for taking the time to show us your process. I learn so much!

  8. Fascinating-and reassuring to know that you don’t set down and immediately know exactly what it is you are going to do.Thanks for sharing this with us.

  9. I need to get some of my hipstamatic prints developed. I actually took a ton at the Air and Space Museum which I can’t wait to play with. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this – thanks! I love how you talked through your process – and showed us how you would like to use something (like the owl) but realised it wouldn’t work on that page. I love watching you work that craft knife too!

  10. Love, love, love these videos! It’s wonderful watching you work and “talk” it all out. Keep it real May, it’s one of the many things I admire about you!

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