iScrapbook: how I use my phone as a tool.

Today the Scrapbook Update staff (Nancy, Melissa, and myself) are all talking about our phones + scrapbooking… what a great topic!

When I first got my iPhone just over a year ago I figured that I might as well make the most of having a fancy phone, and guess what? I have.

The first, most obvious way I have done this is to simply utilize the photos that I take with my phone on scrapbook pages! I have posted a LOT of projects using phone photos! Most of the time you would not recognize the difference even. I love that I can have random pictures that are from REAL moments when I didn’t have my camera. LOVE.

link to original project post:

Speaking of pictures- I also kick it up a notch and create cool & funky square hipstamatic photos using my iPhone.

I think it’s fun + I love to print them out 4×4 ( is the best – they print darn near any size!!) as that size works great with my 4×6 printed regular photos. Here’s a layout made with a hipstamatic picture:

link to original project post:

Another application I have for my photos is to take pictures of things that inspire me! Whether it’s something I want to recreate, an idea I don’t want to forget, a pattern or color combo… my camera captures all!

Speaking of inspiration – the pinterest app lets me ‘pin’ new things, review my boards, and more! LOVE having this form of instant inspiration at my fingertips!!

Of course I’m also able to stay connected to websites, approve blog comments (or if it’s a short post, post from my phone!), answer emails, and make videos… but the real heart of how my phone has been good creatively is in the pictures.

I can’t tell you how many great candid shots of my daughters, how many times I’ve been able to snap a photo of something I didn’t want to forget, or something mundane that just captures our real life right now… yes.

my phone has changed my crafting. It’s made everything even more accessible, and I love that. Here are a few more links + images of layouts I’ve crafted with phone pictures:


link to layout + video tutorial! 

link to layout:

Do you use your phone? have questions about mine? feel free to ask/comment!!

and remember Melissa and Nancy also have posts up on the subject today – so check ’em out!

9 thoughts on “iScrapbook: how I use my phone as a tool.”

  1. May, You photos and layout are lovely. I have a blackberry which I often take photos with.
    I haven’t started taking hispmatic prints with it yet.

  2. I love the convenience of uploading my iPhone photos directly to Shutterfly — makes it so easy to place an order later and it’s a quick back-up while on the road. Plus I use Notes for jotting down stories or kid quotes that I want to use with those photos on a layout.

  3. Wow! What a super cool post! Everything is just amazing. Love your retro photos! I am a huge fan of interest too….it’s so fun have a cabbie day May!

  4. I got a nikon d500 last yr for my bday, the amazing pictures it takes inspired me so much. I got the iphone 4g in feb. and found the hipstamatic app in april, and also the instagram app. I have taken over 3000 pics on my phone alone this year. My lo have become so much more of right now than ever.

  5. I love your IPhone photo layouts. I do use my generic Samsung for photos when I am away from my digi camera. The next phone I get which I believe is in about 6 months, will be an IPhone. It only makes sense to wait until I can get a new phone and then do the upgrade.

  6. I don’t have an iPhone but will for my next phone. The hipstimatic app you talk about does it take photos in 4×4? Free or what is the cost of this app?
    Thanks. I’m getting excited about my new phone and what I will be able to do with it.

  7. if you do a search in the app store on your phone it will show you all kinds of info including price. or if you do an internet search for hipstamatic they have a website too. the photos are square. size depends on quality adjustments you make.

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