Office Space.

I remember long ago when I was just a newlywed woman managing a scrapbook store and the huge trend of office supply inspired scrapbook stuff came out. Paper clips? Staples? Ledger and grid papers? Lined stamps? GENIUS! I couldn’t believe it. What I love most about this, is that it fits. Back when I was a kid office supplies WERE used in my scrapbooks sometimes! Fancy paper didn’t exist. So I love that those designs remain a part of the scrapbook industry even today.

I had some fun playing with my trusty stapler and design ruler by Tim Holtz, both of which are staples in THIS office. I also used two favorite Hero Arts Stamps, and the new Amy Tangerine line as well. I love how she has bits of ledger, grid, lined, and other office-like elements in her product line.

Because it’s “back to school” week here on the blog, I video taped my creative process and thoughts on my favorite office inspired supplies:


Such a fun page – and yes, when I’m taping these creative sessions what you see is what you get. Aside from making sure I have options within arms reach, and knowing what photos I don’t pre-plan!! This is really how I create.

So are you an office supply fan? What do you like?

If you’d like to read more on the subject of office supplies + crafting, be sure to check out Melissa [aka scrappy jedi] and Nancy [aka she who owns Scrapbook Update] – they blogged stuff today too! It’s a part of our new series we’ll be doing once a month where we [scrapbook update staff] all blog about a similar topic! FUN stuff I tell you. Can’t wait to see what they did…

27 thoughts on “Office Space.”

  1. My fave office supplies: scissors, ruler, pens and pencils. Oh, what the heck, love ’em all, LOL! Love the page.
    Looking forward to your BPC class. I’m hoping I get back to actual playing with my stuff soon.

  2. May loved the video and the tip on cutting the page and slipping the picture in! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great article..I too LOVE office supplies! FYI your links to Melissa & Nancy just go to your article. Thanks!

  4. from childhood, I have always loved stationery, I even love the smell of the store, it takes me back to a happy place! I too love this line of papers and style of stuff.

  5. cool. I’ll check out the video later today. i like how you do your videos; funny that they’re not planned 🙂 looking forward to using staples colored w/adirondak inks (ck out tim holtz’s blog from yesterday 🙂 ttfn!

  6. I love the lined papers, the library cards, and the shaped paper clips. TFS and thanx for the video!

  7. Thank you! this is a terrific topic! I love post it notes, and storage supplies (office related) and unique paper clips, and interesting papers that I find, and just stuff…I love poking around and finding things that would help out with scrapping. Thanks for your ideas.

  8. i love stationery shops. all those pens and pencils,who knew there were so many shades of grey, envelopes, tags, notepads, oh be still my heart. i dont however use much of it on my pages. thanks for the inspiration.

  9. I love the videos, they are so fun and this page is gorgeous, I have put in an order for amy tangerine stuff too, I was excited to see you using it. I was thinking of ordering some stains (especially after watching your video that i only just found lol) and maybe a distress ink or two and that foam on a handle thing, I have been trying to pick colours and it is so hard to choose!!

  10. Super fun video, it is refreshing to see and hear others thought process while designing a layout 🙂 I love office supplies and always spend a few minutes gazing at all the paraphernalia but don’t seem to purchase much. Once in a while things crop into my pages, staples, mini envelopes, even the paper hole reinforcements! TFS

  11. What a fun layout. It makes me want to get out some office/school supplies and do a layout. Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. That really did come together easy. Thanks sharing. I like to use post it notes (the fully sticky kind) to use as masks, shipping tags and pens from the office supply store.

  13. I love my Tim Holtz tiny attacher and design ruler too. Plus I love grid paper. And tags. And twine! You get the idea! In fact when I was little I wanted to own a newsagent (a cross between and office supply store and a newsstand). Great video, thanks May. I really love all that Amy Tangerine stuff too

  14. Really really enjoyed this! And I checked out Nancy and Melissa’s blogs-now I have lots of new ideas and inspiration.Thanks!

  15. May, it was so much fun watching you create your page! ‘Love it!! Oh, besides office supply stores, I also like to visit school supply stores, too! ‘So fun!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  16. Love your love for office supplies- I adore them too- from branded to kids staff- I use them all the time

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