Scarlet Lime | Fall canvas tutorial

I’ve been having some FUN here in my studio. Actually declared a “pajama day” Sunday and did nothing but play with the girls + craft. This little canvas was such FAST fun. No really – it took longer to upload to youtube than it did to make!!

I created this for the scarlet lime blog – you can see the post that has supplies, and a how-to video tutorial here:

I hope you enjoy! I’m so inspired to make more seasonal wall art…

10 thoughts on “Scarlet Lime | Fall canvas tutorial”

  1. Really like the layering of colors and textures you did w/ the template – I think I need to invest in some molding paste/medium….

  2. Every time there is a sale on canvases I think I should buy one and try something with it. I just need to get organized…but then I’ll always have some excuse…it sure looks like fun though…will check this out. Thanks!

  3. wow! that is gorgeous. will check out the video later today. kids calling for ice cream 🙂 thx!!

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