Easy Tomato salad

Is it really a “salad”? I guess not. Is this a recipe? Not really. It’s just EASY + very popular + pretty + simple to eat/serve.

Take cherry tomatoes (whole) or cut longer/bigger (we have San Marzanos) tomatoes in 1/2.

Top with a bit of basil + FRESH mozzarella, jam a toothpick in the top to keep it all together. This works much better if you can ‘stab’ through the tomato skin side vs open/cut side. It holds better.

Chill in the fridge! When ready, drizzle a bit of olive oil, balsamic vinegar,  and sprinkle just a bit of fresh ground pepper and bit of kosher salt over the top.


It’s delicious, and the single-bite size made it popular with kids, easy to serve at the party, prepared ahead of time, and a just plain fun use of our family tomatoes.


9 thoughts on “Easy Tomato salad”

  1. Looks delightful – off to farmer’s market we go!
    love the recipes you so graciously share with us.

  2. yum! I have fresh basil in the garden just waiting for this. Wish my cherry tomatoes were in.

  3. Yum. I’ll try your version sometime. I marinade my bocconcini first then put onto toothpicks with basil and tomato. They always disappear.

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