10 good things [and class kit winner announced]

FIRST: WINNER of my class kit!! email me mflaum @ comcast . net to claim your prize/tell me where to ship it!! Winner is… Judy Czarnecki

Hooray for summer weather and fun. Girls have been having play dates, E has started soccer, we’re going to do one or two last summer vacation activities… wow. How time flies!! Can’t believe school starts next week. Today I thought I’d give a glimpse into what’s up here – 10 good things:

10. LOVING the Gymboree fall collections, that they are so perfect for Elizabeth + appropriate for girls (vs shortie shorts/crazy ass fashions I saw at Kohls!) + ON SALE this week!  As school is starting next week, I’ll be making a trip to the mall asap.

9. WANT! Seriously was so hard to not buy these at Target the other day. They had so many good colors – and I do love my converse! I just couldn’t part with the $40 when I have a pair of plain grey ones that have life in them still. *sob*

8. New literary goodness from one of my top 5 authors: Jennifer Estep. This is a new series (YA), and it was a great read. My one complaint? I want MORE! Totally loved it. Her heroine is discovering that there is a lot more to magic and myth, and a lot more out there in the world than she ever believed…

7. Double take is coming!! http://www.bigpictureclasses.com/doubletake.php It starts in just over a month – I can not wait. So much fun teaching with the incredible Nic Howard – and anyone can come since it’s an on-line course.

6. I keep swearing I won’t get any new dresses… but then something like this shows up. I couldn’t resist this patchwork dress from ModCloth.com – love!!

5. While I am against re-makes of classic movies (and against all spin offs of Jane Austen fiction), I’m ok with taking a story and putting your own twist on it. In other words, I’m so very ok with Jason Momoa as the new Conan. Girlfriend movie night is set!

4. I found this photo/link to the girl who ate everything via pinterest. Turns out it’s a recipe from Ice Cream before Dinner blog – can’t wait to try!! S’mores cookies? OH YES PLEASE!! I have several hershey bars and a bag ‘o marshmallows just waiting to be used.

3. Speaking of Big Picture – I’m deep in development on one for early 2012. Week #1 is almost completed, and between the videos, all the color images in the handout, and all the detail I’m putting into it… well, I can’t wait to say more. If I disappear for a few days, this is why. So into the planning stages + figuring out what to feature.

2. Yes, we’ve been talking Disney over here again. Not sure when… but I’d be surprised if we can hold out more than 6-9 months more without a fix. We are such a Disney loving family. I LOVE this photo from the Disney Parks Blog. Reminds me of the magic of Disney…


1. according to the UPS man, tomorrow my www.StudioCalico.com  August kit + add-on will arrive. yippeeee!!! I am very excited to dig in and create + play.

That’s my 10 good things at the moment, what’s new & exciting in your world?

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  1. Congrats to Judy! Totally agree; summer has flown! way too fast!! All three of my boys will be in elem school this year, but we don’t start ’til after Labor Day. School will be back in for me to since I sub teach 🙂 Read about D23 Expo the other day, but teaching doesn’t pay that much 🙁 Will look up the book at the library.

    Looking forward to the next tutorial!

  2. My daughter Gabi will be featuring some Gymboree fashion, as well! We unexpectedly were near the store (we usually shop online) and picked up some tops, a skirt, a dress, and then followed up with an online order for things the (smallish) store didn’t have in her size. Loooooove buying clothes for her! I’m more of a single page layout girl, but I’m incapable of passing up your classes, so I’m sure I’ll be among your students again. 🙂

  3. You can TOTALLY make single page layouts in the class!! Just use one side of the sketch and/or break it up to work for you! 🙂 NO “must be 2 pager” rules!!

    I just love that Gymboree is NICE clothes. My goodness there are some questionable things being made for kids!! I just love it. We have an outlet here, but also a “real” store about 20min away at the mall… love both!

  4. I love everything on your list but most of all Mickey holding Walt’s hand. It has been way too long for us. My nephew is getting married next June in LA. I would love to make it a dual purpose trip since most of our Disney trips are to WDW. My heart aches to go back.
    I want those Converse. Can I stay away from Target?
    Number one on my list today is two of my grandkids are coming for lunch so I need to fly as it is 11:45 A here.
    Oh, and I am a big fan of Gymboree and Children’s Place when I shop for my dgc

  5. Oh girlfriend-I am so excited over the new Conan!Jason Mamoa has been my favorite eye candy for a long time!I think I’ll scrap a page with some of movie promos!

  6. Okay, I’m totally laughing over here tonight. I SO cannot take Jason Momoa seriously ever since seeing him in Stargate: Atlantis. Of course, next to Joe Flanigan, who could compare? 😉

    No Jane Austen remakes?!?!?!? Not even the lovely BBC miniseries of Emma with Jonny Lee Miller? I don’t like chick movies, and even *I* was engrossed in that one!! 🙂

    Totally looking forward to your BPC class!

  7. I should clarify: a movie made based on the book, keeping fairly TRUE to the book is fine. I like a few P&P film adaptions, same with Emma.

    I mean more the “a modern twist on p&p or the authors that basically write fan fiction using Austen’s genius as their starting block. THAT is inexcusable and I can not tolerate it.

    (hopping off Austen purist soapbox)

  8. ooh what great pics! Love the kids clothes. Having a boy I find it hard to get clothes that aren’t covered in skulls – not nice on an 8 year old

    We are planning a Disney cruise next month – can’t wait – plus a few nights at DW on either side. I love Disney and can’t wait

    And I’ve promised DS that when we are in America he can try s’mores!!

  9. Enjoy!!! MUST go to caramel shop in “Germany” in EPCOT. It. Is. Amazing. Desserts like you wouldn’t believe!!!

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