Hello June.

It sure doesn’t feel like a June day, as I sit bundled up and drinking hot tea. It’s been cold, rainy, and dark cloud filled around here. So much so – that I haven’t been able to take pictures or videos here in my studio – too dark!!!

I’m looking forward to a great month. Just a few more days of school for Miss E, a baby shower to attend, a mini-vacation with the family, finishing my next BPC on-line class (more info soon as I’m done), and at the end of the month… I’ll be teaching at Scrapbook Island in San Jose, CA!

I’m really excited – this is my first visit to that store, and we’ve got a PACKED day planned (you can see info for the classes on my workshop + event date pages here on my blog). Three classes, loads of projects and product… going to be a blast. I’m going to do some sharing of some of the projects right here – I’m still adding and making more for these classes. Here’s a peek at one for kraft class:

kraft alpha + embellishments not yet added… waiting on the Fed-Ex man for that…

the page is FAR from done – but I’m having a blast here dreaming up things to share, special treats, and more. I’ll be there Sunday June 26th – and spots are definitely limited so sign up soon if you’re interested!

I will be sharing more as that layout progresses, and some peeks from other classes as well. I’m in full on creative mode around here – and my organizing projects have flown out the window! Well, not really. They’re just way in the back of my to-do list now that I’ve got a bunch of fun creative things that have deadlines.

Have a happy Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Hello June.”

  1. Hi May, I wish I lived close by to take your classes in person. It looks like it will be a really fun class.

  2. It SHOULD be at least 90 here… we’ve been wearing pants and jackets for over a week now. CRAZY!!!

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